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INESS-Search: A Search System for LFG (and Other) Treebanks

Paul Meurer


Link to pdf of paper

This paper describes INESS-Search, a new search tool for constituency, dependency and LFG treebanks. The tool is derived from TIGERSearch and has been extended to encompass full first-order predicate logic over node variables. In addition, several operators have been implemented that are spe- cific for querying c- and f-structures. The original TIGERSearch syntax has been extended and considerably simplified, thus making a graphical query input device less necessary. The search index is dynamically updated when the treebank is modified. The INESS-Search tool is usable via a Web interface as an integrated part of INESS, the Norwegian Infrastructure for the Exploration of Syntax and Semantics.

Link to pdf of paper

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