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Combinatory Possibilities in Murrinh-Patha Complex Predicates: A Type-Driven Approach

Melanie Seiss


Link to pdf of paper

This paper is concerned with complex predicates in Murrinh-Patha, a Northern Australian language. In Murrinh-Patha, a verb usually has a bipartite structure, i.e., the lexical meaning of a word is determined together by two different parts. This paper looks at the combinatory possibilities of these two parts, establishes some factors which may play a role in the selection process and proposes a formal modeling of the data using a fine-grained semantic type hierarchy. The paper then compares this approach to accounts utilizing the idea of lexical conceptual structures (LCSs) (Jackendoff, 1990) such as e.g., Butt (1995) and Wilson (1999).

Link to pdf of paper

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