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Issues Concerning Constraints on Discontinuous NPs in Latin

Liselotte Snijders


Link to pdf of paper

In this paper, two main issues concerning discontinuity of Latin noun phrases (NPs) will be discussed from a lexical-functional grammar (LFG) perspective. It is often assumed that Latin word order is free and that therefore discontinuity is not subject to any constraints. However, it appears that the discontinuity of Latin NPs is in fact constrained. Two constraints on this type of discontinuity form problems for LFG as a theory of syntax. For the first constraint, one on discontinuous prepositional phrases (PPs), an exception to the principle of Economy of Expression is proposed. This paper claims that c-structure should be more constrained in LFG. A second constraint on Latin discontinuous adjuncts shows that the way in which LFG treats adjuncts (with a set notation) is problematic for a proper account of discontinuous adjuncts. This paper provides an initial discussion of this issue.

Link to pdf of paper

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