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Japanese/Korean Linguistics, Vol. 23

Michael Kenstowicz, Theodore Levin, and Ryo Masuda

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements

Part I Phonology

  • A Corpus-Based Study of Positional Variation in Seoul Korean Vowels
    Yoonjung Kang
  • Wh Prosody is Not Focus Prosody in Fukuoka Japanese
    Jennifer L. Smith
  • A Corpus-based Study on the Layered Duration in Standard Korean
    Tae-Jin Yoon

Part II Syntax

  • An Experimental Investigation of Island Effects in Korean
    Boyoung Kim and Grant Goodall
  • Idioms in Korean and Japanese: A phase based account
    Kyumin Kim
  • Suffer as a Not-at-issue Meaning: Evidence from the Affected Experiencer Construction in Korean
    Lan Kim
  • Another Look at Negative Polarity Items in Japanese
    Hideki Kishimoto
  • NP-Ellipsis in the Nagasaki Dialect of Japanese
    Masako Maeda and Daiko Takahashi
  • Why Japanese and Korean Differ in the Behavior of Genitive Subjects
    Hideki Maki, Megumi Hasebe, Lina Bao, Michael Sevier, Ling-Yun Fan, and Shogo Tokugawa
  • Implications of Constraints on Null Constitutents for Analyses of the Right Dislocation Construction
    James Hye Suk Yoon

Part III Semantics

  • SA Formal Analysis of Japanese V-yuku and its Grammaticalization
    Fumihito Arai and Toshio Hidaka
  • A Novel wh-Indeterminate in Korean: wh-inka as a Marker of Referential Vagueness
    Arum Kang
  • On the Stativity of the Fourth Class Verbs and their Cousins in Japanese
    Kiyomi Kusumoto
  • E-Type Anaphora of Degree in Izyooni(than)-Comparatives
    Toshiko Oda
  • On Two Varieties of Negative Polar Interrogatives in Japanese
    Satoshi Ito and David Y. Oshima
  • Apparent Vehicle Change Phenomena in the Absence of Ellipsis
    Junko Shimoyama and Alex Drummond
  • The Derivation of Soo-su: Some Implications for the Architecture of Japanese VP
    Hideharu Tanaka

Part IV Historical Linguistics

  • Ubiquitous Variability in the Phonological Form of Loanwords: Tracing Early Borrowings into Japanese over Five Centuries of Contact
    Aaron Albin
  • Phonological Reduction and the (Re)emergence of Attributive Forms in Yaeyama Ryukyuan
    Tyler Lau and Christopher Davis
  • Towards a Stronger Theory of Proto-Korean-Japanese
    Alexander T. Ratte

Part V Discourse

  • Reference in Discourse: The Case of L2 and Heritage Korean
    Hyunah Ahn

Part VI Poster Session Abstracts

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