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Japanese/Korean Linguistics, Vol. 25

Shin Fukuda, Mary Shin Kim, and Mee‐Jeong Park

Table of Contents


Part I Special Session

  • Endangered Indigenous Languages in Japan and Korea
    William O'Grady and Shoichi Iwasaki
  • Dialects in Diaspora or Diaspora Dialects: Distinguishing Transplanted Varieties of Korean
    Simon Barnes‐Sadler
  • Spatial Frames of Reference in Miyako: Digging into Whorfian Linguistic Relativity
    Kenan Celik, Yukinori Tokubo, and Rafael Núñez
  • On the Anaphoric Use of Demonstratives in Miyakoan
    Tomohide Kinuhata and Yuka Hayashi
  • Integrating Analysis and Pedagogy in the Revitalization of Jejueo
    Changyoung Yang, Sejung Yang, and William O'Grady

Part II Syntax and Semantics

  • Nominal‐based Nominalization
    Masayoshi Shibatani and Sung‐Yeo Chung
  • Daroo as an Entertain Modal: An Inquisitive Approach
    Yurie Hara
  • Imperatives with/without Necessity
    Shun Ihara and Yuya Noguchi
  • Frame Setters in Verbal Unagi‐sentences in Japanese and Korean
    Ante Kärrman
  • Two Forms of Relative Clauses in Osaka Japanese and Their Theoretical Implictions
    Hitomi Minamida
  • RightäDislocation of a WhäPhrase and its Prosodic Constraint
    Yosho Miyata
  • Particle Stranding Ellipsis in Japanese, String Deletion, and Argument Ellipsis
    Yosuke Sato and Masako Maeda
  • Light Verb Ellipsis Constructions in Korean
    Changguk Yim

Part III Phonetics and Phonology

  • Korean Aspiration, Japanese Voicing, and Emergent Features
    Timothy J. Vance
  • Inhibition of Korean Palatalization in L2 English: Electropalatogrphic Data
    Alexei Kochetov, Kelly‐Ann Blake, Andrei Munteanu, Fiona Wilson, Jessica Yeung, and Luke Zhou
  • Perception of Tonal Clash: Final Accent vs. No Accent in Interrogative Melodies of Tokyo Japanese
    Mayuki Matsui and Hyun Kyung Hwang
  • Denasalization of Moraic Nasals in Sino‐Japanese
    Kohei Nishimura
  • Identity Avoidance Effects on Rendaku in the Process of Producing Japanese Noun Compounds: Evidence from Three Oral Production Experiments
    Masaki Sone and Yuki Hirose

Part IV Psycholinguistics

  • Effects of Grammatical Variations on Predictive Processing
    Nayoung Kwon
  • Processing is not Facilitated by Exposure to Violations of Burzio's Generalization
    Junna Yoshida and Edson T. Miyamoto

Part V Sociolinguistics

  • From False Promises, Fake Quotations, and Feigned Questions into Grammar: Grammaticalization of Manipulative Discourse Strategies
    Seongha Rhee
  • From Tasty Adjective to Succulent Metaphor: What the Language of Food Reveals
    Natsuko Tsujimura
  • Interactional Functions of Verbalizing Trouble: Self‐addressed Questions in Japanese Conversation
    Tomoko Endo and Daisuke Yokomori
  • The Korean Vocative Interjection Ya: Functions Beyond Summoning Actions
    Mary Shin Kim
  • The Role of Intonation in Discourse:The Analysis of Ani in Korean
    Mee‐Jeong Park
  • Productive Use of Indexicalized Variable in Social Interaction: The Case of Ranuki in Japanese
    Shin‐Ichiro Sano
  • On the Rise of Douride ‘no wonder’ as a Projector and the Reformulation of Discourse Sequential Relations in Japanese
    Reijirou Shibasaki
  • Reporting Past Experience with the Immediate Perception Marker –ney in Korean Conversation
    Hye Young Smith

Poster Session Abstracts


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