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A Manual of Intensional Logic cover

A Manual of Intensional Logic

Johan van Benthem

Intensional logic, as understood here, is based on the broad presupposition that so-called "intensional contexts" in natural language can be explained semantically by the idea of multiple reference. The text reviews tense, modality, and conditionals, then presents developments in intensional theory, including partiality and generalized quantifiers.

Johan van Benthem is professor of mathematical logic at the University of Amsterdam.


  • Introduction
  • I Traditional Theories

  • 1 Tense and Time
  • 2 Modality
  • 3 Conditionals
  • 4 Combinations
  • Part II Recent Developments 1: Partiality

  • 5 Intervals and Events
  • 6 Possibility and Information
  • 7 The Logic of Partiality
  • Part III Recent Developments 2: Generalized Quantities

  • 8 Tense and Modality
  • 9 Conditionals


ISBN (Paperback): 0937073296 (9780937073292)
ISBN (Cloth): 093707330X (9780937073308)
ISBN (Electronic): 1575868598 (9781575868592)

Subject: Logic; Intentionalism

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