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Conceptual Structure, Discourse and Language cover

Conceptual Structure, Discourse and Language

edited by Adele Goldberg

This collection of papers is the result of the first Conceptual Structure, Discourse and Language conference (CSDL) held at the University of California, San Diego. The conference brought together researchers from both "Cognitive" and "Functional" approaches to linguistics.

The papers in this volume span a variety of topics, but there is a common thread running through them: the claim that semantics and discourse properties are fundamental to the understanding of language. The themes presented in the volume include: an emphasis on the dynamic nature of language; the relevance of a notion of viewpoint in grammatical analysis; the role and nature of metaphor and cognitive blends; the possibility of non-derivational ways to capture relationships among constructions; and the importance of lexical semantics.

This volume will appeal to a wide range of linguists, echoing the theme of the conference: bringing together two diverse approaches to linguistics.

Adele Goldberg was President and CEO of ParcPlace Systems, developers of object-oriented software development and delivery systems at the time of this publication.


  • Preface
  • French Modals and Speaker Control
    Michael Achard
  • Constraints on Adjectival Past Participles
    Farrell Ackermann and Adele E. Goldberg
  • From Resultativity to Current Relevance: Evidence from the History of English and Modern Castilian Spanish
    Kathleen Carey
  • Beyond Beads on a String and Branches in a Tree
    Wallace Chafe
  • Menendez Brothers Virus: Blended Spaces and Internet Humor
    Seana Coulson
  • Conditionals, Distancing, and Alternative Spaces
    Barbara Dancygier and Eve Sweetser
  • Viewpoint and the Definite Article
    Richard Epstein
  • Blending as a Central Process of Grammar
    Gilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner
  • Psychological Predicates and the Syntax-Semantics Interface
    Hana Filip
  • Discourse Goals and Attentional Processes in Sentence Production: The Dynamic Construal of Events
    Linda B. Forrest
  • Salish Lexical Suffixes: A Case of Decategorialization
    Donna B. Gerdts and Mercedes Q. Hinkson
  • Primitive and Compound Metaphors
    Joe Grady, Sarah Taub and Pamela Morgan
  • What's So Easy about Pie?: The Lexicalization of a Metaphor
    Caitlin Hines
  • Metaphor, Metaphorical Extension, and Grammaticalization: A Study of Mandarin Chinese -qilai
    Chu-Ren Huang and Shen-Ming Chang
  • The Way Constructions Grow
    Michael Israel
  • Emphatic -Self in Discourse
    Suzanne Kemmer and Michael Barlow
  • The Metaphor System for Morality
    George Lakoff
  • On the Formal and Functional Relationship between Topics and Vocatives. Evidence from French
    Knud Lambrecht
  • A Constraint on Progressive Generics
    Ronald W. Langacker
  • Conversational Use and Basic Meaning of Finnish Demonstratives
    Ritva Laury
  • Rigid Syntax and Flexible Meaning: The Case of the English Distransitive
    Frederike van der Leek
  • Conceptual Manipulation and Semantic Distinction: The Case of Mandarin Postverbial ‘De’- Complements
    Mei-chun Liu
  • Schematic Representations of Discourse Structure
    June Luchjenbroers
  • How Abstract is Subjective Motion? A Comparison of Coverage Path Expressions and Access Path Expressions
    Yo Matsumoto
  • The Exclamative Sentence Type in English
    Laura A. Michaelis and Knud Lambrecht
  • The Dynamic Nature of Conceptual Structure Building: Evidence from Conversation
    Tsuyoshi Ono and Sandra A. Thompson
  • Situation Perspective: On the Relations of Thematic Roles, Discourse Categories, and Grammatical Relations to Figure and Ground
    Maria Polinsky
  • Manipulation of Discourse Spaces in American Sign Language
    Christine Poulin
  • Roles, Values, and Possessives: Deictic Adjectives in the Noun Phrase
    Ronald E. Sheffer, Jr.
  • How Productive are Metaphors? A Close Look at the Participation of a Few Verbs in the “States Are Locations” Metaphor (and Others)
    Sarah Taub
  • On the Discourse Function of Rightward Movement in English
    Gregory Ward and Betty Birner
  • Deontic and Epistemic Modals in ASL: A Discourse Analysis
    Phyllis Perrin Wilcox
  • Author Index
  • Subject Index


ISBN (Paperback): 1575860406 (9781575860404)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575867990 (9781575867991)
Subject: Linguistics; Grammar; Semantics

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