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Usage-Based Models of Language cover

Usage-Based Models of Language

edited by Michael Barlow and Suzanne Kemmer

This book brings together papers by the foremost representatives of a range of theoretical and empirical approaches converging on a common goal: to account for language USE, or how speakers actually speak and understand language. Crucial to a usage-based approach are frequency, statistical patterns, and, most generally, linguistic experience. Linguistic competence is not seen as cognitively-encapsulated and divorced from performance, but as a system continually shaped, from inception, by linguistic usage events.The authors represented here were among the first to leave behind rule-based linguistic representations in favor of constraint-based systems whose structural properties actually emerge from usage. Such emergentist systems evince far greater cognitive and neurological plausibility than algorithmic, generative models. Approaches represented here include Cognitive Grammar, the Lexical Network Model, Competition Model, Relational Network Model, and Accessibility Theory. The empirical data comes from phonological variation, syntactic change, psycholinguistic experiments, discourse, connectionist modelling of language acquisition, and linguistic corpora.

Michael Barlow and Suzanne Kemmer are professors in the Linguistics Department of Rice University.

Translated into Spanish, Korean, and Chinese.


  • 1. Introduction
    Suzanne Kemmer and Michael Barlow
  • 2. A Dynamic Usage-Based Model
    Ronald W. Langacker
  • 3. The Phonology of the Lexicon: Evidence from Lexical Diffusion
    Joan L. Bybee
  • 4. Bidirectional Processing in Language and Related Cognitive Systems
    Sydney Lamb
  • 5. Connectionism and Language LearningBrian MacWhinney
  • 6. The Effect of the Interlocutor on Episodic Recall: An Experimental Study
    Connie Dickinson and T. Givon
  • 7. The Development of Person Agreement Markers: From Pronouns to Higher Accessibility Markers
    Mira Ariel
  • 8. Interpreting Usage: Construing the History of Dutch Causal Verbs
    Arie Verhagen
  • 9. Investigating Language Use Through Corpus-Based Analyses of Association Patterns
    Douglas Biber
  • 10. Usage, Blends and Grammar
    Michael Barlow


ISBN (Paperback): 1575862204 (9781575862200)
ISBN (Electronic): 1575866838 (9781575866833)

Subject: Linguistics; Linguistics Models; Linguistic Analysis

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