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Japanese/Korean Linguistics, Vol.  10 cover

Japanese/Korean Linguistics, Vol. 10

edited by Noriko Akatsuka and Susan Strauss

This volume is doubly significant: Not only does it commemorate the 10th anniversary of what now has become an international conference on Japanese and Korean linguistics, it also commemorates the everlasting spirit of James D. McCawley, one of the giants of 20th century general linguistics. Jim was a pioneer in East Asian scholarship, even though his area of specialization does not center necessarily on East Asian linguistics; this was one of his dozens of interests and passions. Jim was an exceptionally creative, innovative, productive, and inspirational researcher and mentor. His own work and the work that he inspired in others spans the areas of lexicography, syntax, semantics, phonology, pragmatics, philosophy of language, and linguistic logic;his spirit can be felt across all linguistic disciplines.

The Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference, now in its tenth year, is one of the few linguistic meetings in which formalists, functionalists, discourse analysts and cognitive linguists gather together within a single forum to examine typological, syntactic, semantic, phonological, pragmatic, and even cultural aspects of these two languages, analyzing a variety of topics from different perspectives. From its very inception, one of the most significant contributions of this conference and of its proceedings is the fact that scholars from all disciplines engage in dialogues and discussions on current issues.

UCLA has played a dynamic and creative role in establishing an academic community for this forum, having hosted the conference during its first, fourth, fifth, seventh, and tenth years. The conference began as a joint endeavor among a handful of scholars and graduate students between UCLA and USC. The current standing committee consists of Noriko Akatsuka (UCLA) Patricia Clancy (UCSB), Hajime Hoji (USC), Shoichi Iwasaki (UCLA), and Sung-Ock Sohn (UCLA)

This volume contains a total of 46 papers, including 12 by invited speakers, all 12 of whom were either friends of Jim's or his students, or both. The invited speakers are Susumu Kuno, S.-Y. Kuroda, Chumgmin Lee, Seiichi Makino, Naomi McGloin, Masayoshi Shibatani, and Sukjin Chang, in addition to five of Jim's former students who have themselves become established linguists in the areas of Japanese and Korean (Wes Jacobsen, Kat Momoi, William O'Grady, Yoko Sugioka, and Tim Vance). Other contributors represent institutions throughout the United States, Germany, Japan, and Korea.

This is an exciting collection of papers and the entire volume is dedicated to the memory of a great friend, teacher, and scholar as his legacy for having inspired us so deeply.

Noriko Akatsuka is Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of California, Los Angeles. Susan Strauss is Assistant Professor of Speech Communication / Applied Linguistics at The Pennsylvania State University.

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ISBN (Paperback): 1575863421 (9781575863429)
ISBN (Cloth): 157586343X (9781575863436)

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