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European Review of Philosophy, vol. 1 cover

European Review of Philosophy, 1:

Philosophy of Mind

edited by Gianfranco Soldati

The European Review of Philosophy aims at restoring the tradition of rigorous philosophical discussion by bringing together new philosophers from various parts of Europe and by making their works on a wide range of topics available to the philosophical community.

The focus of the present volume is philosophy of mind. Future volumes will concentrate on selected topics, such as philosophy of languages and philosophy of law and will be edited by guest editors or various memebrs of the editorial board of the Review.

Gianfranco Soldati, the editor of this volume, taught at the University of Tübingen at the time of this publication.


  • Part I: Philosophy of the Mind
  • Brains in Vat and Their Minds: A Wrong Impossibility Proof
    Mario Alai
  • Rationality and the Structure of Self-Deception
    Alexander Bird
  • Truth and Knowledge of Other Minds
    Alex Burri and Stephan Furrer
  • Moore's Paradox and Partial Belief
    Paul Castell
  • The Ontological Status of Complicated States
    Ronald L. Chrisley
  • Against Qualia: Our Direct Perception of Physical Reality
    Michael Loughlin
  • Hopes and Doubt
    Adriano P. Palma
  • The de re /de dicto Distinction: A Plea for Cognitive Science
    Daniel Seymour
  • Part II: Other Topics
  • A Note on Gödel's Ontological Argument
    Fancesco Orilla
  • Frege's Objection to the Melalinguistic View
    Murali Ramachandran
  • Good Intentions, A Review of: David Bell, Husserl, London and New York: Routledge, 1990
    Taylor Carman and Gianfranco Soldati


ISBN (Paperback): 1881526380 (9781881526384)

Subject: Philosophy

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