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Meaning, Form, and Body cover

Meaning, Form, and Body

edited by Fey Parrill, Vera Tobin, and Mark Turner

Meaning, Form, and Body brings together renowned figures in the field of cognitive linguistics to discuss two related research areas in the study of linguistics: the integration of form and meaning and language and the human body. Among the numerous topics discussed are grammatical constructions, conceptual integration, and gesture.

Fey Parrill is the Robson Junior Professor in the Department of Cognitive Science at Case Western Reserve University. Vera Tobin is a lecturer in the Department of Cognitive Science at Case Western Reserve University. Mark Turner is Institute Professor and professor of cognitive science at Case Western Reserve University and the founding director of the Cognitive Science Network.


  1. On the Temporal Dynamics of Negated Perceptual Simulations
    Sarah E. Anderson, Stephanie Huette, Teenie Matlock, & Michael J. Spivey
  2. Language-Mediated Thought in 'Plural' Action Perception
    Caleb Everett
  3. A Multimodal Analysis of Individuals' Beliefs and Metaphors in Words, Gestures and Drawings
    Vito Evola
  4. Candidates Construct Vantages
    Adam Głaz
  5. The Role of Semantic and Grammatical Context in Sentence Production
    Svetlana Gorokhova
  6. Conceptualizing Change as Deictic Abstract Motion: Metaphorical and Grammatical Uses of 'Come' and 'Go' in Finnish
    Tuomas Huumo & Jari Sivonen
  7. A Cognitive Approach to Nominative / Genitive Conversion in Japanese
    Takeshi Koguma
  8. Day After Day After Day
    Ronald W. Langacker
  9. Conceptual Modeling and Sense Construction: The Example of the French Adjective 'Curieux'
    Hélène Mazaleyrat & Audrey Rudel
  10. Sign-Gesture Symbiosis in Brazilian Sign Language Narrative
    Leland Mccleary & Evani Viotti
  11. Form, Discourse, & Construction: American English like NP
    Carol Lynn Moder
  12. The Discourse-Organizing Function of the aside Constructions: From a Cognitive and Discourse-Functional Perspective
    Naoki Otani
  13. Talking Fast: The Use of Speech Rate as Iconic Gesture
    Marcus Perlman
  14. Werewolves in Epaulettes
    Anna Pleshakova
  15. It's Not All About the Brain: A Cross-Linguistic Exploration of Body Part Metaphors in Chess
    Judit Simó
  16. Is "Generic is Specific" a Metaphor?
    Karen Sullivan & Eve Sweetser
  17. Grammatical and Rhetorical Consequences of Entrenchment in Conceptual Blending: Compressions Involving Change
    Vera Tobin
  18. Perception by Body versus Mind: An Alternative Analysis of 'Things' (MONO and KOTO) in Japanese Discourse
    Nina Azumi Yoshida
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April 2010

ISBN (Paperback): 9781575865942
ISBN (Cloth): 9781575865959
ISBN (Electronic): 9781575868233

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