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Layers of Aspect cover

Layers of Aspect

edited by Patricia Cabredo Hofherr and Brenda Laca

The eight articles in this volume reexamine the syntactic and semantic analyses of aspect that have been proposed mainly on the basis of aspectual expressions in English. The authors contrast expressions sharing an analogous morpho-syntactic make-up and some core distributional and semantic properties, drawing on a wide range of new empirical data from languages as diverse as Syrian Arabic, Urdu, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, and German. The papers address four aspect-related problems in particular: the grammatical and semantic constraints on the different readings of the present perfect, the semantic and syntactic analysis of auxiliaries, the impact of adverbial expressions on the aspectual properties of the sentence, and morphology-semantics mapping.

Patricia Cabredo Hofherr is a researcher at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique in Paris. Brenda Laca is professor of linguistics at the Université Paris VIII.


  • Introduction
    Patricia Cabredo Hofherr and Brenda Laca
  • 1 Plural Marking in Argument Supporting Nominalizations
    Artemis Alexiadou, Gianna Iordăchioia and Elena Soare
  • 2 Perfect Constructions in Syrian Arabic
    Nora Boneh
  • 3 Tense and Aspect in Urdu
    Miriam Butt and Jafar Rizvi
  • 4 Wheb Perfect means “Plural”: The Present Perfect in Northeastern Brazillian Portuguese
    Patricia Cabredo Hofherr, Brenda Laca and Sandra Carvalho
  • 5 Aspectualized Futures in Indonesian and English
    Bridget Copley
  • 6 Russian Aspect as Number in Verbal Domain
    Olga Kagan
  • 7 The perfect-state
    Björn Rothstein
  • 8 German gerade – a Unified Analysis of its Temporal Uses
    Gerhard Schaden
  • Index

January 2011

ISBN (Paperback): 9781575865966
ISBN (Cloth): 9781575865973
ISBN (Electronic): 9781575866918

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