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Language from a Cognitive Perspective cover

Language from a Cognitive Perspective

Grammar,Usage, and Processing
Studies in honor of Tom Wasow

Edited by Emily M. Bender & Jennifer E. Arnold

This book is a collection of papers on language processing, usage, and grammar, written in honor of Tom Wasow to commemorate his career on the occasion of his 65th birthday. Tom is a professor of linguistics and philosophy. But more accurately, he is a renaissance academic, having done work that connects with many different disciplines, including formal linguistics, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics, and philosophy. Appropriately, this book reflects the diversity of Tom's research and interests, including topics from multiple branches of linguistics and human information processing. These papers are written with minimal background assumed, so they can be used as teaching materials for beginning scholars. As such, this volume is a tribute to what is perhaps Tom's most lasting contribution to the field—the mentorship and inspiration he provided to his students and collaborators, many of whom have contributed to this volume.


  1. Introduction
    by Jennifer E. Arnold & Emily M. Bender
  2. Grammar Engineering and Linguistic Hypothesis Testing: Computational Support for Complexity in Syntactic Analysis
    by Emily M. Bender, Dan Flickinger & Stephan Oepen
  3. Accuracy vs. Robustness in Grammar Engineering
    by Dan Flickinger
  4. Local Grammaticality in Syntactic Production
    by Ash Asudeh
  5. Blocking and the Architecture of Grammar
    by Peter Sells
  6. Simplicity and Fit in Grammatical Theory
    by Amy Perfors
  7. “Basic Information Structure” and “Academic Language”: An Approach to Discourse Analysis
    by James Paul Gee
  8. Relativizer Omission in Anglophone Caribbean Creoles, Appalachian, and African American Vernacular English [AAVE], and Its Theoretical Implications
    by John R. Rickford
  9. Corpus-based Research on Language Production: Information Density and Reducible Subject Relatives
    by T. Florian Jaeger
  10. Ordering Choices in Production: For the Speaker or for the Listener?
    by Jennifer E. Arnold
  11. Weight and Word Order in Historical English
    by Harry J. Tily
  12. Investigating Syntactic Persistence in Corpora
    by Neal Snider
  13. Discontinuous Dependencies in Corpus Selections: Particle Verbs and Their Relevance for Current Issues in Language Processing
    by John A. Hawkins
  14. Information in Virtual Spaces
    by Susanne Riehemann

March 2011

ISBN (Paperback): 9781575866109
ISBN (Cloth): 9781575866116
ISBN (electronic): 9781575866802

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