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LingVis: Visual Analytics for Linguistics

Edited by Miriam Butt, Annette Hautli-Janisz, and Verena Lyding

This volume collects landmark research in a burgeoning field of visual analytics for linguistics, called LingVis. Combining linguistic data and linguistically oriented research questions with techniques and methodologies developed in the computer science fields of visual analytics and information visualization, LingVis is motivated by the growing need within linguistic research for dealing with large amounts of complex, multidimensional data sets. An innovative exploration into the future of LingVis in the digital age, this foundational book both provides a representation of the current state of the field and communicates its new possibilities for addressing complex linguistic questions across the larger linguistic community.

Miriam Butt is a professor for general and computational linguistics at the University of Konstanz, Gerany. She is interested in theories and architectures of grammars and has mostly worked on morphosyntactic phenomena from South Asian languages. In recent years, she has also engaged in multidisciplinary cooperations in Computer Science and Political Science.

Annette Hautli-Janisz is a linguist in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Konstanz. She works on various aspects of theoretical and computational linguistics, from syntax and lexical semantics to modeling political discourse, and has been part of a longstanding collaboration on the visualization of linguistic patterns across languages and genres.

Verena Lyding is a computational linguist at the Institute for Applied Linguistics in Bolzano, Italy. Her research focuses on innovative approaches to the creation and exploitation of language resources and related infrastructures by means of transferring information visualization and, more recently, crowd-sourcing approaches to application scenarios in linguistics, language teaching and the Digital Humanities.

May 2020


  • Preface and Acknowledgments
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 TileBars: Visualization of Term Distribution Information in Full Text Information Access
  • 3 Designing Tree Visualization Techniques for Discourse Analysis
  • 4 Interactive Visualizations in INESS
  • 5 Visual Analytics in Diachronic Linguistic Investigations
  • 6 Discourse Maps — Feature Encoding for the Analysis of Verbatim Conversation Transcripts
  • 7 Reflected Text Analytics through Interactive Visualization/li>
  • 8 An Interactive Visualization of the Historical Dictionary of Bavarian Dialects in Austria
  • 9 Visual Analytics for Parameter Tuning of Semantic Vector Space Models
  • Index

ISBN (Paperback): 1684000335 (9781684000333)

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