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CTR Tea Seminars

The Center of Turbulence Research organizes tea seminars approximately every other week at 4:00 PM on Friday at CTR conference room, underground floor of CTR building near Building 500, Stanford University. The seminar series presents various speakers with the research areas related to turbulence or flow physics. Light refreshment will be served.

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Date:Friday Jan 9, 2015
Location:CTR Conference Room
Speaker:Dr. Babak Hejazi, Cascade Technologies
Title:Multi-resolution and High Performance Flow Simulations
Abstract:This talk provides an overview of algorithmic improvements and efficient mapping of flow simulations onto modern computing hardware. The main focus is on multiphase compressible flow simulations, accelerated by using wavelet-adapted grid and efficient exploitation of multicore CPU/GPU platforms, and their porting to supercomputers. Some work on fluid-structure interaction for swimming hydrodynamics will also be displayed.