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Usability Testing Results

The usability testing of the Cubberley Library website, conducted during October and November of 2007, indicated the following strengths and areas of improvement:

Read the full report (PDF, 425KB)


  1. Physical location and phone number are easy to find
  2. Main menu is consistently located and labeled on every page
  3. Titles are clear
  4. Links to Socrates and databases are on every page
  5. Search function is helpful
  6. Important information is located in multiple locations, or there are multiple pathways to arrive at important information

Areas of Improvement

  1. Not clear that the site does not include everything in Cubberley Library
  2. Not clear that the resources on the site are "hand-picked"
  3. Need pages for every GSE Program (incomplete at time of testing)
  4. Highlight curriculum collection better
  5. Search function: improve advanced search, provide additional facets by which to search (e.g., geography)
  6. Difficult to find resources on “tweener” research topics; those that do not fall into the categories listed under Research Topics heading
  7. Beyond call number, indicate location of a book in the stacks
  8. Difficult to find journals and databases
  9. Numerous minor details (see p. 2)