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International Handbook on the Sociology of Education: An International Assessment of New Research and Theory, Torres, Carlos Alberto, and Antikainen Ari , (2003)

"The first part discusses new developments in social theory and methodology in the sociology of education. The second part offers a sequence of snapshots of the practice of sociology of education in different countries and regions of the world, as well as a focus on how the educational process is being analyzed by diverse audiences. The third part offers an appraisal of critical issues in sociology of education, including some of the thorniest debates in the field."

Two bad ants, Van Allsburg, Chris , 1988, New York, N.Y., p.31, (1988) Abstract

Lexile measure 780, Book level 4.7

Handbook of International Research in Mathematics Education, English, Lyn D. , (2008)

"intended for those interested in international developments and future directions in educaitonal research, in particular, mathematics education research."

Education and Sociology: An Encyclopedia, Levinson, David, Cookson Peter W., and Sadovnik Alan R. , (2002)

"Pooling together writings from leading academic authorities in education, this single-volume reference provides readers and researchers with provocative new topics and issues in the sociology of education. Entries cover both national and international perspectives and studies, and tackle controversial points in education today, from gender inequality to globalization, minorities to meritocracy."

Handbook of the Sociology of Education, Hallinan, Maureen T. , (2006)

"The aim of the Handbook of Sociology of Education is to present the most theoretically grounded and empirically rigorous sociological analyses of schools to date. The authors are distinguished researchers in the field. Their contributions to the Handbook offer major theoretical perspectives on the schooling process and describe significant empirical studies of schools and their effects on individuals and society."

Handbook of Research on Teacher Education: Enduring Questions in Changing Contexts, Cochran-Smith, Marilyn, Sharon Feiman-Nemser., and McIntyre John D. , (2008)

"Beyond simply conceptualizing the broad landscape of teacher education and providing comprehensive reviews of the latest research for major domains of practice, this edition aims to: stimulate a broad conversation about foundational issues; bring multiple perspectives to bear, including historical perspectives; provide new specificity to topics that have been undifferentiated in the past; and include diverse voices in the conversation."

Handbook of Research for Educational Communications and Technology, Spector, Michael J. , (2008)

"provide up-to-date summaries and syntheses of recent research pertinent to the educational uses of information and communications technologies."

Encyclopedia of Language and Education, , (2008)

"In the selection of topics and contributors, the Encyclopedia seeks to
reflect the depth of disciplinary knowledge, breadth of interdisciplinary
perspective, and diversity of sociogeographic experience in our field.
Language socialization and language ecology have been added to the
original eight volume topics, reflecting these growing emphases in language
education theory, research, and practice, alongside the enduring
emphases on language policy, literacies, discourse, language acquisition,
bilingual education, knowledge about language, language testing, and
research methods. Throughout all the volumes, there is greater inclusion
of scholarly contributions from non-English speaking and non-Western
parts of the world, providing truly global coverage of the issues in the
field. Furthermore, we have sought to integrate these voices more fully
into the whole, rather than as special cases or international perspectives
in separate sections."

Schoolchildren as propaganda tools in the War on Terror, Grover, Sonja C., and SpringerLink , 2011, Berlin ;Heidelberg ;New York, p.279, (2011)
Dandelions, Bunting, Eve, and ill Shed, Greg , 1995, San Diego, (1995) Abstract

Lexile measure 580; Ages 5-10 guided reading N Gr.2-4

Divergent, Roth, Veronica , 2011, Volume 1st, New York, p.487, (2011) Abstract


Can we save the tiger?, Jenkins, Martin, and ill White, Vicky , 2011, Volume 1st U.S, Somerville, Mass., p.50, (2011) Abstract

Lexile measure 970; Book level 5.9; Ages 4-10 Gr.2-4

Every you, every me, Levithan, David, and ill Farmer, Jonathan , 2011, Volume 1st, New York, p.248, (2011) Abstract

Ages 15 and up

Seven sorcerers, King, Caro , 2011, Volume 1st Aladdin hardcover, New York, p.324, (2011) Abstract

Lexile measure 820; Ages 8-12