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Israel SE, Duffy GG. Handbook of research on reading comprehension. New York: Routledge; 2009.

"The Handbook – this term connotes a touchstone across disciplines and areas, whose function is to capture a field, past, present, and future. The result of an enormous effort, a handbook provides a benchmark at a particular point in time…. Two ingredients are of foundational importance for a well-built handbook: the structure and the writers. The editors of this Handbook have assembled an extraordinary assemblage of authors, each distinguished in his or her own right, but a group that is exceptional for the breadth and comprehensiveness of perspectives that they bring to bear.... This handbook provides an excellent snapshot of the field." -- Robert C. Calfee, From the Foreword

Israel SE. Using Metacognitive Assessments to Create Individualized Reading Instruction.; 2007.

"This book supplies you with easy access to different types of metacognitive assessments?assessments that reveal students? own thinking about the reading process and their use of before-, during-, and after-reading strategies. In addition, you?ll learn how to use the results of these assessments to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your students? reading abilities and to more effectively create individualized reading instruction."