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Chase SA. Perfectly prep : gender extremes at a New England prep school. Oxford ; New York: Oxford University Press; 2008.

"Although New England boarding schools have been educating America's elite for four generations, they, along with their privileged students, rarely have been the subject of study. Living in a senior boys' dorm at a co-ed school, Sarah Chase was able to witness the inner workings of student
culture and the dynamics of their peer groups. In an environment of ivy-covered buildings, institutional goals of excellence and aspirations to Ivy League colleges, the boys and girls acted extremely masculine or feminine. While girls typically worked themselves into a state of sleep deprivation and
despair during exam period, the boys remained seemingly unconcerned and relaxed. As much as the girls felt pressure to be 'cute' and 'perfect,' the boys felt pressure to be 'bad ass' and the 'best at everything.' Tellingly, the boys thought that 'it would suck' to be a girl, while over one third of
the girls wanted to be male if given the chance."