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Cuban L. As good as it gets: What school reform brought to Austin. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press; 2010.

"Take an economically and racially diverse urban school district emerging from a long history of segregation. Add an energetic, capable, bridge-building superintendent with ambitious district-wide goals to improve graduation rates, school attendance, and academic performance. Consider that he was well funded and strongly supported by city leaders, teachers, and parents, and ask how much changed in a decade of his tenure -- and what remained unchanged? "

David JL, Cuban L. Cutting through the hype: The essential guide to school reform. Vol Rev., expanded, updated. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Education Press; 2010.

"In this book, we scrutinize claims and jargon while attempting to get to the heart of three crucial questions: Does a reform make sense? Can the reform actually work in classrooms? Are the conditions for success in place?"

Cuban L. Hugging the middle : how teachers teach in an era of testing and accountability. New York: Teachers College, Columbia University; 2009.

"Larry Cuban's How Teachers Taught has been widely acclaimed as a pathbreaking text on the history and evolution of classroom teaching. Now Cuban brings his great experience as a classroom teacher, superintendent, and researcher to this highly anticipated follow-up to his groundbreaking work. Focusing on three diverse school districts (Arlington, Virginia; Denver, Colorado; Oakland, California), Hugging the Middle offers an incisive portrayal of how teachers teach now."