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Class warfare : inside the fight to fix America's schools

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Simon & Schuster, Volume 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover, New York, p.478 (2011)

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Cubb LA217.2 .B77 2011



Education and state--United States, Public schools--United States, School improvement programs--United States


Contents: The race -- Juicy words -- The epiphanies -- Be obedient. Be good. Keep your mouth shut. -- If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted -- A hopelessly naive thesis -- A governor and a president take center stage -- Payroll to payroll -- Lighting up the capitol switchboard -- The backlash -- Schoolyard classroom -- The discovery : good teaching matters -- The network -- No child left behind -- Don't worry, it's just a parent -- The union won't allow it -- The idea wasn't just to keep them from killing somebody -- How could the Democrats be against this? -- Seeing George Soros's apartment -- New York realities -- Our party has got to wake up on this -- The co-location trap -- Creating a new school system the hard way -- Colorado says half of you won't graduate -- The pol and the moneymen -- Foxes in the henhouse -- Mounting evidence -- This just seemed so obvious -- More money, no hassles -- Building Harlem success -- This is not a self-esteem movement -- You really don't want to hire me -- Pulling the rug out -- Money meets data -- Hillary for teachers, teachers for Hillary -- Forward, backward in New York -- 45,000 dollars well spent -- Faceless bureaucracy -- Back in the classroom -- Quarantine the data -- Climbing the ladder -- Rhee's choice : your union or 130,000 dollars -- Turning around the USS Gates -- The new Democrats -- Two returns to the classroom -- Wake up, Obama just talked about you -- Inside baseball -- What do you guys think you could do with a hundred billion? -- The chosen four -- They'll do backflips -- Things I can't change from this building -- Widgets -- Agreement in Pittsburgh -- The opposite of venture capital -- Outcomes, not achievement -- Obfuscating the issue, fooling the reviewers -- A shriek on Park Avenue -- The Feinberg gambit -- School reform : the movie -- Firing everyone -- My baby is reading -- Going over to the other side -- A baffling round one -- Varnish on a sinking ship -- Two winners -- Back on the horse in Colorado -- Billionaires trapped in an elevator -- Rhee's breakthrough -- He met with everyone -- A New York breakthrough or mirage? -- Rocky Mountain high -- Honored, humbled, hopeful, and horrified -- She's deKlerk in South Africa. We have to help her. -- The quiet revolution -- Teach like your hair's on fire -- Klein's and Mulgrew's wonderful negotiation -- From inside baseball to public accountability -- Arne, here's the column you've been missing -- Soaring dreams, street-level politics -- Rhee rejected -- I'll email your dad and tell him -- The Mujahideen and the moderates -- Punch, counterpunch -- A marathon, not a sprint.

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