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Implicit and explicit language learning : conditions, processes, and knowledge in SLA and bilingualism

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Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics. Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics, Georgetown University Press, Washington, DC, p.229 (2011)

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Cubb P118.2 .I48 2011



Bilingualism, Language and languages--Study and teaching, Second language acquisition--Study and teaching


Contents: Stubborn syntax : how it resists explicit teaching and learning / Bill VanPatten -- An epitaph for grammar : an abridged history / Arthur S. Reber -- Implicit and explicit SLA and their interface / Nick C. Ellis -- How analysis and control lead to advantages and disadvantages in bilingual processing / Ellen Bialystok -- Getting a grip on the slippery construct of awareness : toward a finer-grained methodological perspective / Ronald P. Leow, Ellen Johnson , and Germán Zárate-Sández -- Aging, pedagogical conditions, and differential success in SLA : an empirical study / Alison E.Lenet ... [et al.] -- Effects of feedback timing in SLA : a computer-assisted study on the Spanish subjunctive / Florencia Henshaw -- Working memory predicts the acquisition of explicit L2 knowledge / Jared A. Linck and Daniel J. Weiss -- The effects of formal instruction and study abroad contexts on foreign language development : the SALA project / Carmen Pérez-Vidal, Maria Juan-Garau, and Joan C. Mora -- Input processing principles : a contribution from first-exposure data / Rebekah Rast -- What is implicit and what is explicit in L2 speech? Findings from an oral corpus / Heather E. Hilton -- Explicit training and implicit learning of L2 phonemic contrasts / Fred R. Eckman ... [et al.] -- English speakers' perception of Spanish vowels : evidence for multiple-category assimilation / Leslie S. Gordon -- Early phonological acquisition in a set of English-Spanish bilingual twins / David Ingram ... [et al.] -- Language learning strategies in adult L3 acquisition : relationship between L3 development, strategy use, L2 levels, and gender / Hui-Ju Lin -- Effects of bilingualism on inhibitory control in elderly Brazilian bilinguals / Ingrid Finger, Johanna Dagort Billig, and Ana Paula Scholl.

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