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Contains the keyword Public schools--United States

Zavadsky H. School turnarounds : the essential role of districts. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Education Press; 2012.
Watkins WH. The assault on public education : confronting the politics of corporate school reform. New York: Teachers College Press; 2012.

"In this timely interdisciplinary volume, William Watkins has brought together leading scholars and activists to address some of the most urgent issues facing public education. What is underneath and behind the language of choice, efficiency, and improvement in current neoliberal discourse? How will urban and poor populations be affected? Will privatization lead to increased stratification in our schools?..."

Peurach DJ. Seeing complexity in public education : problems, possibilities, and success for all. Oxford ; New York: Oxford University Press; 2011.

"In a period of unprecedented pressure to reform education in the United States, two questions stand out: What is involved in the work of transforming underperforming schools into higher performing schools? And what makes this work so difficult? 'Seeing Complexity in Public Education' examines these questions in light of the history of the Success for All Foundation, an organization that has collaborated with thousands of elementary schools across the US to enact a common design for comprehensive school reform."