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Contains the keyword Public schools--United States

Hess FM. The same thing over and over: How school reformers get stuck in yesterday's ideas. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press; 2010.

""in this genial and challenging overview of endless debates over school reform, Rick Hess shows that even bitter opponents in debates about how to improve schools agree much more than they realize--and that much of it must change radically."

Trani RK, Irvine RK. Fallacies in education : why schools are mired in mediocrity. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield Education; 2010.
Vollmer JR. Schools cannot do it alone : building public support for America's public schools. Vol 1st Enlightenment pbk. Fairfield, IA: Enlightenment Press; 2010. Abstract
Hirsch ED. The making of Americans: Democracy and our schools. New Haven: Yale University Press; 2009.

"E. D. Hirsch is one of the very few academics in this country who can write for a wide audience about complex issues without ever condescending, oversimplifying, or falling into a populist rant." -- David Labaree, Professor of Education, Stanford University

Young VM. Education's missing ingredient : what parents can tell educators. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield Education; 2009.