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Deal TE, Peterson KD. Shaping school culture : pitfalls, paradoxes, and promises. Vol 2nd. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass; 2009.

"In this thoroughly revised and updated edition of their classic book, Shaping School Culture, Terrence Deal and Kent Peterson address the latest thinking on organizational culture and change and offer new ideas and strategies on how stories, rituals, traditions, and other cultural practices can be used to create positive, caring, and purposeful schools. This new edition gives expanded attention to the important symbolic roles of school leaders, including practical suggestions on how leaders can balance cultural goals and values against accountability demands, and features new and powerful case examples throughout."

Hudley C, Gottfried AE. Academic motivation and the culture of school in childhood and adolescence. Oxford ; New York: Oxford University Press; 2008.

"Hudley and Gottfried's new book is on the cutting edge of this important research. The chapters in this book focus on both the cultures of schools, and how the cultures of schools are related to larger societal structures within the United States. The book contains an excellent balance of research examining both descriptive relationships among variables as well as novel interventions designed to enhance motivation. This book will be an extremely valuable resource both for researchers and for students of education and psychology." -- Eric M. Anderman, Professor, School of Educational Policy and Leadership, The Ohio State University

Ramsey RD. Don't Teach the Canaries not to Sing: Creating a School Culture that Boosts Achievement. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press; 2008.

"This practical how-to handbook clearly defines what school culture is, where it comes from, how it works, and why it is critically important. The author provides a total package with all the tools necessary for developing a school culture that maximizes student performance, empowers staff members, welcomes and engages parents, and energizes community support."