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Contains the keyword Gifted children--Identification

Pfeiffer SI. Handbook of Giftedness in Children. New York: Springer; 2008.

"In one comprehensive resource, the Handbook of Giftedness in Children brings together leading experts from the fields of psychology and education, combining theory and applied empirical research on such crucial topics as conceptualization, types of intelligence, developmental considerations, and ethical and legal concerns. Particular attention is given to social and family contexts, and evidence-based strategies and interventions offer solid guidelines on assessment, curriculum design, and encouraging and nurturing talent ‚ from preschool through adolescence."

Sosniak LA, Gabelko NH. Every child's right : academic talent development by choice, not chance. New York: Teachers College Press; 2008.

"No child should have to be identified as 'gifted' in order to benefit from a rich, challenging learning experience. This book tells the story of the Academic Talent Development Program (ATDP) at UC Berkeley, an example of a long-standing, self-supporting summer program that shifted from 'mining' to 'growing' talent. The authors provide an insider's view of the teachers, students, curriculum, and school culture as a model for creating academic enrichments programs in and out of school."