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Contains the keyword Education--Economic aspects--United States

Fabricant M, Fine M. Charter schools and the corporate makeover of public education : what's at stake?. New York: Teachers College; 2012.

"In this book, we investigate through the prism of the rapid ascension of the charter school movement the strategic remaking of the public sector." (p. 2)

Watkins WH. The assault on public education : confronting the politics of corporate school reform. New York: Teachers College Press; 2012.

"In this timely interdisciplinary volume, William Watkins has brought together leading scholars and activists to address some of the most urgent issues facing public education. What is underneath and behind the language of choice, efficiency, and improvement in current neoliberal discourse? How will urban and poor populations be affected? Will privatization lead to increased stratification in our schools?..."

Fischel WA. Making the grade: The economic evolution of American school districts. Chicago Ill.: University of Chicago Press; 2009. Abstract

"Bill Fischel has done it again. He has taken a set of commonly accepted views about schools and turned them upside down-shattering our simplistic explanations for age-grading in schools, for the September to May school calendar, and for voter disapproval of voucher referenda. His clear and logical development of the interests of citizens and their impact on the geography and organization of schools is compelling. This fascinating book demonstrates the power of some simple economic ideas for organizing our interpretation of the world around us." -- Eric Hanushek, Hoover Institution, Stanford University