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Contains the keyword National school lunch program

Poppendieck J. Free for all: Fixing school food in America. Berkeley: University of California Press; 2010.

"How did our children end up eating nachos, pizza, and Tater Tots for lunch? Taking us on an eye-opening journey into the nation's school kitchens, this superbly researched book is the first to provide a comprehensive assessment of school food in the United States. Janet Poppendieck explores the deep politics of food provision from multiple perspectives--history, policy, nutrition, environmental sustainability, taste, and more. She draws from extensive interviews with officials, workers, students, and activists to evaluate the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs and turns a critical eye on the 'competitive foods' sold in cafeterias."

Levine S. School lunch politics : the surprising history of America's favorite welfare program. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press; 2008.

"With School Lunch Politics, Sue Levine has served up a rich plate on which the histories of food, public policy, childhood, and social reform come together in complicated, intermingling ways. The result is a capacious and balanced book about the elusive quest for an equitable society and a balanced meal." -- Daniel Horowitz, author of The Anxieties of Affluence