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Contains the keyword Conduct of life--Fiction

Pratchett T. Dodger. Vol 1st.; Submitted. Abstract

Lexile measure 1210; Ages 13 and up; Adventure, Historical fiction, Fantasy

Kirby J. Golden. New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers; 2013. Abstract

Lexile measure 840; Ages 13 and up

Cushman K. Will Sparrow's road. New York: Clarion Books; 2012. Abstract

Ages 8-12

Oliver L. Before I fall. Vol 1st pbk. New York: Harper; 2011. Abstract

Lexile measure 860; Book level 5.4; Ages 14 and up

Sacre A, Serra S. A mango in the hand : a story told through proverbs. New York: Abrams Books for Young Readers; 2011. Abstract

Book level 3.1; Ages 5-7

Wallace J. Out of shadows. Vol 1st American. New York: Holiday House; 2011. Abstract

Lexile measure 710; Book level 4.6; Ages 14 and up

Bacigalupi P. Ship breaker. Vol 1st. New York: Little, Brown and Co.; 2010. Abstract

Ages 12-up

Khan R, ill Blackall, Sophie. Big red lollipop. New York, N.Y.: Viking; 2010. Abstract

Lexile measure 410; Ages 4-8; Book level 2.2

Myers WD. Lockdown. Vol 1st. New York: HarperTeen/Amistad; 2010. Abstract

Lexile measure 730; Ages 12 and up; Realistic fiction

Williams-Garcia R. Jumped. Vol 1st. New York: HarperTeen; 2009. Abstract

Lexile measure 600; ages 12-18; book level 3.6