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Contains the keyword Reading--Research--Methodology

Duke NK, Mallette MH. Literacy research methodologies. Vol 2nd. New York: Guilford Press; 2011. Abstract
Kamil ML, Pearson DP, Birr Moje E, Afflerbach PP. Handbook of reading research, volume IV. New York: Longman; 2011.

"The Handbook of Reading Research is the research handbook for the field....To identify the dominant themes, topics, and developments in the field, the editors surveyed reading research studies and reading policy trends since the year 2000, when Volume III was published. As in previous volumes, the focus is on reading research, rather than a range of literate practices. When taken as a set, the four volumes provide a definitive history of reading research. Volume IV brings the field authoritatively and comprehensively up-to-date."

Calfee RC, Sperling M, on in and Literacy NC. On mixed methods: Approaches to language and literacy research. New York, NY: Teachers College Press; 2010.

"This book examines the use of mixed methods for conducting language and literacy research, and defines how and why this approach is successful for solving problems and clarifying issues that researchers encounter."