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Fullan M. What's worth fighting for in the principalship?. Vol 2nd, Compl. New York; Toronto, Ont.: Teachers College Press; Ontario Principals' Council; 2008.

"World-renowned for his expert advice on school change, Michael Fullan has completely revised and updated this classic work written directly to principals. In the years since publication of the first edition, policymakers and school reformers have pointed increasingly to the school principal as the most important agent of needed change in our schools. Along with this recognition, principals are now expected to do even more within their already overloaded schedules. With a sense of urgency that will spur principals into action, this second edition is more targeted, more specific, and provides more concrete examples from the field to reveal a new agenda for school leaders. Michael Fullan incisively characterizes the current state of the principalship and recommends 6 practical, powerful Action Guidelines for principals, and 6 Guidelines for Systems, all geared towards dramatically increasing the impact of the principal on school success."