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Contains the keyword United States--Ethnic relations

Berta-Ávila M, Tijerina Revilla A, López Figueroa J. Marching students: Chicana and Chicano activism in education, 1968 to the present. Reno: University of Nevada Press; 2011.

"Marching Students ia a collaborative effort by Chicana/o scholars in several fields to place the 1968 walkouts and Chicana and Chicano Civil Rights Movement in historical context, highlighting the contribution of Chicana/o educators, students, and community activists to minority education."

Salomone RC. True American: Language, identity, and the education of immigrant children. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press; 2010.

"How can schools meet the needs of an increasingly diverse population of newcomers? Do bilingual programs help children transition into American life, or do they keep them in a linguistic ghetto? Are immigrants who maintain their native language uninterested in being American, or are they committed to changing what it means to be American? In this ambitious book, Rosemary Salomone uses the heated debate over how best to educate immigrant children as a way to explore what national identity means in an age of globalization, transnationalism, and dual citizenship. She demolishes popular myths—that bilingualism impedes academic success, that English is under threat in contemporary America, that immigrants are reluctant to learn English, or that the ancestors of today’s assimilated Americans had all to gain and nothing to lose in abandoning their family language."