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Contains the keyword Public schools--United States--History

Reese WJ. America's public schools : from the common school to "No Child Left Behind". Vol Updated. Baltimore, Md.: Johns Hopkins University Press; 2011. Abstract

"William J. Reese's engrossing narrative succinctly and shrewdly analyzes nearly two centuries of American public schools, taking us from the pioneering efforts in the early nineteenth century through the political and cultural conflicts of today."

Bankston CL, Caldas SJ. Public education, America's civil religion : a social history. New York: Teachers College Press, Teachers College, Columbia University; 2009.

"In this provocative volume, the authors argue that public education is a central part of American civil religion and, thus, gives us an unquestioning faith in the capacity of education to solve all of our social, economic, and political problems. The book traces the development of America's faith in public education from before the Civil War up to the present, exploring recent educational developments such as the No Child Left Behind legislation."

Mathison S, Ross WE. Battleground : schools. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press; 2008.