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Contains the keyword Educational law and legislation--United States

Frankenberg E, Debray EH. Integrating schools in a changing society : new policies and legal options for a multiracial generation. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press; 2011.

"In this comprehensive volume, a roster of leading scholars in educational policy and related fields offer eighteen essays seeking to illuminate new ways for American public education to counter persistent racial and socioeconomic inequality in our society. Drawing on extensive research, the contributors reinforce the key benefits of racially integrated schools, examine remaining options to pursue multiracial integration, and discuss case examples that suggest how to build support for those efforts"

Dupre AP. Speaking up : the unintended costs of free speech in public schools. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press; 2009.

"Since the late 1960s, the United States Supreme Court has struggled to clarify the contours of constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech rights for students. But as this thought-provoking book contends, these court opinions have pitted students—and their litigious parents—against schools while undermining the schools’ necessary disciplinary authority."