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Contains the keyword Reading (Middle school)--Handbooks

Christenbury L, Bomer R, Smagorinsky P. Handbook of adolescent literacy research. New York: Guilford Press; 2009.

"At the very moment when policy makers are declaring a 'crisis' in adolescent literacy, this handbook offers a countervailing portrait of adolescents as deeply engaged in the literacies of their local and global worlds. This state-of-the-art collection turns adolescent literacy on its head, arguing that educators can learn a great deal from the new and hybrid literacies youth produce in their on/offline interactions. Schools have much catch-up work to do, and educators and policy makers will find themselves frequently returning to this volume as they begin to redesign policies, research, and curricula that take account of adolescents’ complex lives and literacies."--Marjorie Siegel, EdD, Teachers College, Columbia University

Robb L. Reading strategy lessons for science and social studies. New York: Scholastic; 2009.

"Reading expert Laura Robb is keenly aware of the challenges that content-area teachers face each day: a broad curriculum to cover and large classes filled with students who have different learning styles and read at different levels. Keeping this in mind, she has designed strategy lessons that help students become skilled readers of nonfiction, able to read and learn from textbooks and other materials independently."