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Contains the keyword Segregation in education--Law and legislation--United States

Minow M. In Brown's wake: Legacies of America's educational landmark. Oxford ; New York: Oxford University Press; 2010.

"In Brown's Wake examines the reverberations of Brown in American schools, including efforts to promote equal opportunities for all kinds of students. School choice, once a strategy for avoiding Brown, has emerged as a tool to promote integration and opportunities, even as charter schools and private school voucher programs enable new forms of self-separation by language, gender, disability, and ethnicity."

Ryan JE. Five miles away, a world apart: One city, two schools, and the story of educational opportunity in modern America. Oxford ; New York: Oxford University Press; 2010.

"Weaving together court opinions, social science research, and compelling interviews with students, teachers, and principals, Ryan explains why all the major education reforms since the 1970s--including school finance litigation, school choice, and the No Child Left Behind Act--have failed to bridge the gap between urban and suburban schools and have unintentionally entrenched segregation by race and class."