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Titus JO. Brown's battleground : students, segregationists, and the struggle for justice in Prince Edward County, Virginia. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press; 2011.

"When the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision in Brown v. Board of Education in 1954, Prince Edward County, Virginia, home to one of the five cases combined by the Court under Brown, abolished its public school system rather than integrate. Jill Titus situates the crisis in Prince Edward County within the seismic changes brought by Brown and Virginia's decision to resist desegregation. While school districts across the South temporarily closed a building here or there to block a specific desegregation order, only in Prince Edward did local authorities abandon public education entirely--and with every intention of permanence. When the public schools finally reopened after five years of struggle--under direct order of the Supreme Court--county authorities employed every weapon in their arsenal to ensure that the newly reopened system remained segregated, impoverished, and academically substandard. Intertwining educational and children's history with the history of the black freedom struggle, Titus draws on little-known archival sources and new interviews to reveal the ways that ordinary people, black and white, battled, and continue to battle, over the role of public education in the United States"

Hayman RL, Ware L. Choosing equality : essays and narratives on the desegregation experience. University Park, Pa.: Pennsylvania State University Press; 2009.
Robinson MW, Bonnie RJ. Law touched our hearts : a generation remembers Brown v. Board of Education. Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press; 2009.

"This book contains forty personal accounts from across the country by those who attended public school in the wake of Brown (vs. Board of Education) and saw the course of their lives and their society change."

Burton OV, O'Brien D. Remembering Brown at fifty: The University of Illinois commemorates Brown v. Board of Education. Urbana: University of Illinois Press; 2009. Abstract

"Inspired by the University of Illinois's celebration of the Brown v. Board of Education decision's fiftieth anniversary in 2004, this collection addresses the significance of the Brown decision in the contributors' lives or work in education and civil rights. Several authors describe their personal roles in the Brown case or similar cases, while others examine and illustrate events, performances, and exhibitions that were part of the anniversary commemoration. The book not only explores the repercussions of the Brown decision, but also stands as a historic document in its own right, preserving the reactions of many prominent intellectuals, artists, and activists fifty years after the decision."