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Contains the keyword Black--Education--Great Britain

Gosai N. Perspectives on the educational experiences of African/Caribbean boys. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Pub.; 2011.
Wright C, Standen P, Patel TG. Black youth matters: Transitions from school to success. New York: Routledge; 2010. Abstract

"Black Youth Matters presents a compelling, empirical picture of black youth who creatively respond to permanent school exclusion. Structural approaches to social stratification often set the terms of discussion around isolated narratives of individual "success stories." In this book, the authors intervene with a new point of view by focusing instead on collectives of broader black communities. They both engage with and move beyond structural models of stratification and education, thereby affirming the enduring importance of individual and collective aspiration - an impulse that has not been exhausted for black youth even in the face of systematic, longstanding, and overwhelming inequality. Based on long-term ethnographic research with young people permanently excluded from school, Black Youth Matters examines the resourcefulness of young black people in overcoming the process of school failure to forge more positive futures for themselves. This book should be of interest to sociologists, educators, anthropologists, policy-makers, as well as community activists."

Mirza HS. Race, gender and educational desire: why black women succeed and fail. London ; New York: Routledge; 2009.

"Race, Gender and Educational Desire reveals the emotional and social consequences of gendered difference and racial division as experienced by black and ethnicised women teachers and students in schools and universities."