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Contains the keyword Monsters--Fiction

O'Hearn K. Pegasus : the flame of Olympus. Vol First Aladdin hardcover. New York: Aladdin; 2012. Abstract

Lexile measure 620; Ages 10-13; Adventure,Legends and Myths, Fantasy

Riordan R. The son of Neptune. Vol 1st. New York: Disney/Hyperion Books; 2011. Abstract

Ages 10 and up

Ness P, ill Kay, Jim, Dowd S. A monster calls : a novel. Vol 1st U.S. Somerville, Mass.: Candlewick Press; 2011. Abstract

Ages 11 and up

Riordan R. The lost hero. Vol 1st. New York: Disney/Hyperion Books; 2010. Abstract

Lexile measure 660; Ages 11-15; Book level 4.5; Fables, Folk Tales and Myths, Adventure

Riordan R. The battle of the Labyrinth. Vol 1st paperback. New York: Disney/Hyperion; 2009. Abstract

Lexile measure 590; ages 9-15; book level 4.1; adventure; fables, folktales and myths

Yancey R. The monstrumologist. Vol 1st. New York: Simon & Schuster BFYR; 2009. Abstract

Lexile measure 990; ages 14- up; book level 7; adventure

Riordan R. The last Olympian. Vol 1st. New York: Disney/Hyperion Books; 2009. Abstract

Lexile measure 620ages 9-15; book level 4.3; adventure; fables, folktales and myths

Davis E. Stinky : a toon book. New York: Little Lit Library; 2008. Abstract

ages 5-9

McNamee G. Bonechiller. Vol 1st. New York: Wendy Lamb Books; 2008.

Lexile measure 580; ages 12-up; book level 3.8

Richards J. The death collector. New York, NY: Bloomsbury; 2007. Abstract

Lexile measure 800; Ages 10-14; Historical Fiction, Mystery and Suspense Science Fiction