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Contains the keyword Child development--United States

Falk B. Defending childhood : keeping the promise of early education. New York: Teachers College Press; 2012.

LB1139.25 .D44 2012 1 STACKS

Howes C. Culture and child development in early childhood programs: Practices for quality education and care. New York: Teachers College Press; 2010.

"Early childhood education programs are expected to provide exemplary care for all children - poor and affluent; children of color and White children - while also adapting care to include children's families and cultures. These two sets of expectations are often difficult for teachers and programs to meet. In this book, Carollee Howes shows how high-quality programs successfully adapt child development guidelines within cultural contexts, and why quality needs to be and can be measured in culturally specific ways."

Reno H, Stutzman J, Zimmerman J. Handbook for Early Childhood Administrators: Directing With a Mission. Boston, Mass.: Pearson/Allyn and Bacon; 2008.

"In Handbook for Early Childhood Administrators: Directing with a Mission, Reno walks the readers through each management task that is essential to directing with a mission and offers a wealth of helpful strategies and resources..."