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Language and bilingual cognition

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Psychology Press, New York, NY ; Hove, p.591 (2011)

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Cubb P115.4 .L36 2011



Bilingualism--Psychological aspects, Cognition, Psycholinguistics


Contents: Part A. Language and cognition -- 1 Relating language and cognition : the speaker of one language -- 2 How does language affect thought? -- 3 Language and cognition : the view from anthropology -- 4 Language and cognition : the view from cognitive linguistics -- 5 Interactive influences of language and cognition -- 6 Tools for thinking -- Part B. Bilingual cognition -- 7 Relating language and cognition : the second language user -- 8 Bilingualism and cognition : the perspective from semantics -- 9 Advances in the study of bilingualism : a personal view -- 10 Bilingual worlds -- 11 Color and bilingual cognition -- 12 Spatial language and second language acquisition -- 13 Perception of motion by Polish-English bilinguals -- 14 Expressing voluntary motion in a second language : English learners of French -- 15 Chinese-English bilinguals' sensitivity to the temporal phase of an action event is related to the extent of their experience with English -- 16 The grammatical and conceptual gender of animals in second language users -- 17 The interpretation of emblematic gestures in second language users of Italian -- 18 Yo no lo tiré, se cayó solito, 'I did not throw it, it just fell down' : interpreting and recounting accidental events in Spanish and English -- 19 Theory of Mind and bilingual cognition -- 20 Bilingualism and the impact of emotion : the role of experience, memory, and sociolinguistic factors -- 21 Emotions in bilingual life narratives -- Part C. Applications and implications of bilingual cognition research -- 22 Linguistic relativity and language teaching -- 23 Translation and bilingual cognition -- 24 Culture and cognition in the study of intercultural communication -- 25 Advertising to the buy-lingual consumer -- Epilogue : Bilinguals save the world.; Summary: Focusing on bilinguals, this text provides a state-of-the-art overview of the relationship between language and cognition.

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