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Schools cannot do it alone : building public support for America's public schools

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Enlightenment Press, Volume 1st Enlightenment pbk, Fairfield, IA, p.219 (2010)

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Cubb LB2822.8 .V6 2010



Educational change--United States, Public schools--United States, School improvement programs--United States


Contents: Part I. From critic to ally -- ch. 1. Run it like a business! : an ice cream man with an attitude -- ch. 2. The blueberry story : the big shot learns a lesson -- ch. 3. An aide for a day : locked in a room with eighth graders -- ch. 4. The ever-increasing burden : educators are not the problem -- Part II. Why our schools need to change -- ch. 5. The flaw in the system : selecting for a world that no longer exists -- ch. 6. The new competitive equation : the learner-to-laborer ratio is reversed -- ch. 7. The smoking gun : time constant, learning variable -- ch. 8. Challenging the core beliefs : the three-dimensional bell curve -- Part III. The public is not ready -- ch. 9. Struggling to be heard : noise, history, bureaucracy, and T.T.S.P. -- ch. 10. On the brink of progress : attempting change and riling the public -- ch. 11. The obstructive power of "real school" : mental models, nostesia, and prom -- ch. 12. Considering community involvement : going from a to b through c -- ch. 13. The terrible twenty trends : external forces are pushing the public away -- ch. 14. The prerequisites of progress : what we need from the community -- Part IV. The great conversation -- ch. 15. Escaping the status quo : an ongoing discussion with two tracks -- ch. 16. The formal track : community's turf, community's convenience -- ch. 17. Mapping the community : finding our audience -- ch. 18. Deciding on the message : a story of achievement, simply told -- ch. 19. Developing scripts : organizing content and sharing responsibility -- ch. 20. Building teams : no one goes out there alone -- ch. 21. Conducting a commuinications audit : reinforcing the mesage behind the scenes -- ch. 22. Creating a comprehensive schedule : putting the map to work in phases -- ch. 23. A second front : not everyone wants to go public -- ch. 24. The informal track : leveraging the power of the individual -- ch. 25. The return on our investment : trust, "yes" votes, and rising social capital -- ch. 26. A most hopeful time : the moral and the practical converge.

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