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"A touch of greatness" : a history of Tennessee State University, Lovett, Bobby L. , America's historically Black colleges and universities, 2012, Volume First edition, (2012) Abstract
A.S. Neill, Bailey, Richard , Continuum library of educational thought ; v. 24, 2013, (2013)
Abandono escolar y mercado de trabajo en España, Munõz de Bustillo, Rafael , Informes y estudios ; 40, 2009, Madrid, p.371, (2009)
Abe Lincoln's dream, Smith, Lane , 2012, Volume 1st, New York, (2012) Abstract

Lexile measure 390; Ages 5-10

Abelard to Apple : the fate of American colleges and universities, DeMillo, Richard A. , 2011, Cambridge, Mass., p.320, (2011) Abstract

Demillo "describes the evolving model for higher education, from European universities based on a medieval model to American land-grant colleges to Apple's iTunes U and MIT's OpenCourseWare. He offers ten rules to help colleges reinvent themselves (including 'Don't romanticize your weaknesses') and argues for a focus on teaching undergraduates."

Abina and the important men : a graphic history, Getz, Trevor R., and Clarke Liz , 2012, Volume 1st, New York, p.179, (2012)

"The first of its kind, Abina and the Important Men is a compelling and powerfully illustrated 'graphic history' based on a 1876 court transcript of a West African woman named Abina, who was wrongfully enslaved and took her case to uses the power of illustration to convey important theme in world history and to reveal the processes by which history is made."

Abolishing school fees in Africa : lessons from Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Mozambique, Bank, World , Development practice in education, 2009, Washington DC, p.251, (2009)
About teaching mathematics : a K-8 resource, Burns, Marilyn , 2007, Volume 3rd, Sausalito, CA, p.447, (2007)

"About Teaching Mathematics, first published in 1992, quickly became an essential resource for K-8 teachers nationwide. Containing more than 240 classroom-tested activities, this comprehensive text helps teachers build students' understanding and skills; understand the math they are responsible for teaching; and understand how children best learn math."

Abriendo puertas : Antología de literatura en español, , Spanish reader, 2003, Evanston, Ill., (2003) Abstract
The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian, ill Forney, Ellen , 2007, Volume 1st, New York, p.229, (2007) Abstract

Lexile measure 600; ages 13 and up; book level 4; comedy and humor; realistic fiction

Abstracts of the first sourcebook on Asian research in mathematics education : China, Korea, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, and India, Sriraman, Bharath , Special supplement to the International sourcebooks in mathematics and science education, 2013, Charlotte, N.C., p.253, (2013)
Academe degree zero : reconsidering the politics of higher education, Di Leo, Jeffrey R. , Cultural politics & the promise of democracy, 2011, Boulder, CO, p.152, (2011) Abstract
Academic and behavior supports for at-risk students : tier 2 interventions, Stormont, Melissa , Guilford practical intervention in the schools series, 2012, New York, p.222, (2012) Abstract