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Academic careers and the gender gap, Baker, Maureen , 2012, Vancouver, BC, p.208, (2012)
Academic entrepreneurship in Asia : the role and impact of universities in national innovation systems, Wong, Poh Kam , New horizons in entrepreneurship, 2011, Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA, p.354, (2011)
Academic freedom in the post-9/11 era, Carvalho, Edward J., and Downing David B. , Education, politics, and public life, 2010, Volume 1st, New York, p.300, (2010)
Academic freedom in the wired world : political extremism, corporate power, and the university, O'Neil, Robert M. , 2008, Cambridge, Mass., p.312, (2008)

"Academic freedom now confronts new challenges with the rise of new technologies (web pages, etc.), national security concerns, the politicization of higher education, both inside and outside of the academy, and the growing penetration of corporate, business, and government interests. This book is the first to describe-- clearly, fairly, and astutely-- the many different contexts in which problems of academic freedom appear, and the critical tensions between institutional and individual freedom. Robert O'Neil writes from a lifetime of experience, as professor, university president, and founder of a free speech think tank. He was an early and vociferous critic of speech codes and other policies that suppressed the speech of conservative faculty members and students, and he and his book do not flinch in supporting the academic freedom rights of all, including the politically incorrect. A book this broad and clear will be invaluable to anyone attempting to disentangle claims of academic freedom and its complexities."

Academic integrity in the twenty-first century : a teaching and learning imperative, Bertram Gallant, Tricia , ASHE higher education report, ISSN:1551-6970; v. 33, no. 5, 2008, San Francisco, p.143, (2008)

"Academic misconduct is a longstanding problem, one that unfortunately has not simply disappeared with the advent of the twenty-first century. Much has been written about the integrity of undergraduate academic work, but little has changed--higher education still responds to reports of student cheating by institutionalizing methods to prevent, police, and punish, and academic misconduct continues to exist in colleges and universities. This monograph considers the issue in the context of the complex forces that currently strain the teaching and learning environment. She proposes a new perspective that calls for campuses to shift from asking 'How do we stop students from cheating? to 'How do we ensure students are learning?' The alternative teaching and learning strategy outlined here positions student academic integrity at the center of a new perspective on teaching and learning, one that is gaining ground in contemporary educational institutions."

Academic interests and Catholic confessionalisation : the Louvain privileges of nomination to ecclesiastical benefices, Boute, Bruno , Education and society in the Middle Ages and Renaissance ; v. 35, 2010, Leiden, The Netherlands ; Boston, p.683, (2010)
Academic motivation and the culture of school in childhood and adolescence, Hudley, Cynthia, and Gottfried Adele Eskeles , Child development in cultural context, 2008, Oxford ; New York, p.320, (2008)

"Hudley and Gottfried's new book is on the cutting edge of this important research. The chapters in this book focus on both the cultures of schools, and how the cultures of schools are related to larger societal structures within the United States. The book contains an excellent balance of research examining both descriptive relationships among variables as well as novel interventions designed to enhance motivation. This book will be an extremely valuable resource both for researchers and for students of education and psychology." -- Eric M. Anderman, Professor, School of Educational Policy and Leadership, The Ohio State University