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Sage handbook of writing development, , 2009, Volume 1st, Thousand Oakes, Calif., p.589, (2009) Abstract
Saints and scamps : ethics in academia, Cahn, Steven M. , 2011, Volume 25th anniversary, Lanham, Md., p.134, (2011)
Salt, Gee, Maurice , Gee, Maurice. Salt trilogy ; v. 1, 2009, Victoria, BC, p.252, (2009) Abstract

Lexile measure 700; Ages 12 and up

Saltypie : a Choctaw journey from darkness into light, Tingle, Tim, and ill Clarkson, Karen , 2010, Volume 1st, El Paso, TX, (2010) Abstract

Book level: 3.7; Ages: 6-10; Biography

Same sun here, House, Silas, and Vaswani Neela , 2012, Volume 1st, Somerville, Mass., p.297, (2012) Abstract

Lexile measure 890; Ages 10-15

The same thing over and over: How school reformers get stuck in yesterday's ideas, Hess, Frederick M. , 2010, Cambridge, Mass., p.286, (2010)

""in this genial and challenging overview of endless debates over school reform, Rick Hess shows that even bitter opponents in debates about how to improve schools agree much more than they realize--and that much of it must change radically."

Samurai shortstop, Gratz, Alan , 2008, New York, p.280, (2008)

Lexile Measure 790; ages 12-16; book level 4.9; historical fiction

The sandbox investment : the preschool movement and kids-first politics, Kirp, David L. , 2007, Cambridge, Mass., p.333, (2007)

"The Sandbox Investment masterfully weaves together economic, political, social, and personal histories to reveal how the preschool movement has had such success. It's an invaluable primer for anyone concerned about social reform."
-- Deborah Stipek, Dean, School of Education, Stanford University

Sandra Day O'Connor : justice for all, Gherman, Beverly, and ill Masheris, Robert , Women of our time, 1991, New York, N.Y., U.S.A., p.54, (1991) Abstract
Santa Catarina State, Brazil, 2010, for and Development, Organisation Economic Co-operation , Reviews of national policies for education, 2010, Paris, p.355, (2010)
Saperi a confronto nell'Europa dei secoli XIII-XIX, Paoli, Maria Pia , Seminari e convegni ; 18, 2009, Pisa, p.553, (2009)
Sapo y Sepo son amigos, Lobel, Arnold , Infantil Alfaguara, 2001, Volume 1a SEP, México, p.66, (2001) Abstract
SAT wars : the case for test-optional college admissions, Soares, Joseph A., and Hawkins David , 2012, New York, NY, p.226, (2012)

"In this penetrating and revealing look at high-stakes standardized admissions tests, Joseph Soares demonstrates the far-reaching and mostly negative impact of the tests on American life and calls for nothing less than a national policy change."

The savage, Almond, David, and ill McKean, Dave , 2008, Volume 1st U.S, Cambridge, Mass., p.79, (2008)

Lexile measure 730; ages 10-15; book level 4.6

Save the world on your own time, Fish, Stanley Eugene , 2008, Oxford ; New York, p.189, (2008)

"This is a passionate defense of 'Scholarship as a Calling' like the inspiring lecture of that name by Max Weber. But, of course, Fish is irrepressibly livelier than Max Weber." -- E. D. Hirsch

Saving Alma Mater: A Rescue Plan for America's Public Universities, Garland, James C. , (2009)

"(In Saving Alma Mater) James C. Garland draws on more than thirty years of experience as a professor, administrator, and university president to argue that a new compact between state government and public universities is needed to make these schools more affordable and financially secure. Saving Alma Mater challenges a change-resistant culture in academia that places too low a premium on efficiency and productivity."

Saving America's high schools, Smerdon, Becky A., and Borman Kathryn M. , 2009, Washington, D.C., p.235, (2009)
Saving Black colleges : leading change in a complex organization, author Schexnider, Alvin J. , Philanthropy and education, 2013, Volume First edition, (2013)
Saving higher education : the integrated, competency-based three-year bachelor's degree program, Bradley, Martin J., Seidman Robert H., and Painchaud Steven R. , Jossey-Bass higher and adult education series, 2012, Volume 1st, San Francisco, p.219, (2012)
Saving schools: From Horace Mann to virtual learning, Peterson, Paul E. , 2010///, (2010)

"In Saving Schools: From Horace Mann to Virtual Learning, Paul Peterson traces the story of the rise, decline, and potential resurrection of American public schools through the lives and ideas of six mission-driven reformers: Horace Mann, John Dewey, Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Shanker, William Bennett, and James Coleman. Many of these reformers sought to customize education to the needs of each child. But in ways that were never anticipated, reform efforts centralized power in the hands of those who controlled institutions remote from the concerns of families and local communities -- large school districts, states, courts, collective bargaining agreements, and, eventually, the federal government. Virtual education, on the other hand, can reverse that trend and invigorate learning in America in unprecedented ways "