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Seeds of change : planting a path to peace, Johnson, Jen Cullerton, and ill Sadler, Sonia Lynn , 2010, Volume 1st, New York, (2010) Abstract

Lexile measure 820; Ages 9-12; Book level 4.8; Biography

Seeds of freedom : liberating education in Guatemala, Taylor, Clark , Series in critical narratives, 2013, (2013)
Seeing complexity in public education : problems, possibilities, and success for all, Peurach, Donald J. , 2011, Oxford ; New York, p.296, (2011)

"In a period of unprecedented pressure to reform education in the United States, two questions stand out: What is involved in the work of transforming underperforming schools into higher performing schools? And what makes this work so difficult? 'Seeing Complexity in Public Education' examines these questions in light of the history of the Success for All Foundation, an organization that has collaborated with thousands of elementary schools across the US to enact a common design for comprehensive school reform."

Seeking integrity in teacher education : transforming student teachers, transforming my self, Schulte, Ann Katherine , Self study of teaching and teacher education practices, 2009, Volume 1st, New York, p.134, (2009)
Seeking sense in the city : European perspectives on religious education, author Roebben, Bert , Dortmunder Beiträge zu Theologie und Religionspädagogik ; Bd. 7, 2013, Volume Second edition, p.305, (2013) Abstract
Seen and heard : children's rights in early childhood education, Hall, Ellen Lynn, and Rudkin Jennifer Kofkin , Early childhood education series Teachers College Press, 2011, London, Ont.; New York, p.131, (2011)
The seer of shadows, Avi , 2008, Volume 1st, New York, NY, p.202, (2008)

Lexile Measure 720; ages 8-15; book level 5.2

Segregation hurts : voices of youth with disabilities and their families in India, Antony, Pavan John , Studies in inclusive education Sense Publishers ; v. 19, 2013, Rotterdam ; Boston, p.103, (2013)
Selected contemporary assessment issues, Schuh, John H. , New directions for student services ; no. 142, 2013, San Francisco, p.111, (2013) Abstract
Self-regulated learning, Bembenutty, Héfer , New directions for teaching and learning ; no. 126, 2011, San Francisco, Calif., p.130, (2011) Abstract
Separate schools: Gender, policy, and practice in postwar Soviet education, Ewing, Thomas E. , 2010, DeKalb, p.300, (2010)

"First study of the implementation of single-sex schooling [in 1943] in Soviet Russia"