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Adolescencias entre muros : escuela secundaria y la construcción de identidades juveniles, Reyes Juárez, Alejandro , Colecci√≥n Tesis premiadas, 2009, Volume 1, M√©xico, D.F., p.196, (2009)
Adolescent boys' literate identity, Rice, Mary , Advances in research on teaching ; v. 15, 2011, Volume 1st, Bingley, p.137, (2011)
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Adolescent literacy, field tested : effective solutions for every classroom, Parris, Sheri R., Fisher Douglas, and Headley Kathy , 2009, Newark, DE, p.254, (2009)

"Make the most of your instructional time with this collection of proven, research-based teaching practices from top professionals in adolescent literacy. Contributors take you inside exemplary classrooms to observe adolescent literacy practices in the context of real school environments and from the viewpoints of 'frontline' educators."

Adolescents and digital literacies: Learning alongside our students, Kajder, Sara B., and of of English National Council Teachers , Principles in practice : adolescent literacy, 2010, Urbana, Ill., p.119, (2010) Abstract

"Instead of focusing on where to point and click, this book addresses the ways in which teachers and students work together to navigate continuous change and what it means to read, write, view, listen, and communicate in the twenty-first century."

Adolescents in the Internet age, Strom, Paris, and Strom Robert D. , Adolescents in the internet age, 2009, Charlotte, N.C., p.619, (2009)
Adolescents' online literacies : connecting classrooms, digital media, and popular culture, Alvermann, Donna E. , New literacies and digital epistemologies ; v. 39, 2010, New York, p.223, (2010)
The adoration of Jenna Fox, Pearson, Mary , 2008, Volume 1st, New York, p.266, (2008) Abstract

Lexile measure 570; ages 14-18; book level 3.8; science fiction and fantasy

Adult basic education in the age of new literacies, Jacobson, Erik , New literacies and digital epistemologies ; v. 42, 2012, New York, p.152, (2012)
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Adult education and learning in a precarious age : the Hamburg declaration revisited, Nesbit, Tom, and Welton Michael Robert , New directions for adult and continuing education ; no. 138, 2013, San Francisco, p.107, (2013) Abstract
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Adult education in cultural institutions : aquariums, libraries, museums, parks, and zoos, Taylor, Edward W., and Parrish Marilyn McKinley , New directions for adult and continuing education ; no. 127, 2010, San Francisco, p.102, (2010)