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Dueling students : conflict, masculinity, and politics in German universities, 1890-1914, Zwicker, Lisa Fetheringill , Social history, popular culture, and politics in Germany, 2011, Ann Arbor, p.296, (2011) Abstract
Math from three to seven : the story of a mathematical circle for preschoolers, Zvonkin, A. K., and Zeitz Paul , MSRI mathematical circles library ; 5, 2011, Berkeley, Calif.; Providence. R.I., p.300, (2011)
Education in post-Soviet Russia : does the federal government have a regional policy for higher education?, author Zulkarnay, Ildar, and Rosskam Ellen , Occasional paper Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies ; no. 308, 2013, p.19, (2013)
Making Science Mentors: A 10-Session Guide for Middle Grades, Zubrowski, Bernie, Troen Vivian, and Pasquale Marian , (2007)

"Many peer-mentoring guides claim to be unique. This one is."

Im alten Berliner Studentenviertel, Zschocke, Helmut , 2012, Frankfurt am Main, p.193, (2012)
Building school culture one week at a time, Zoul, Jeffrey , 2010, Larchmont, NY, p.160, (2010)
Student teaching and the law, Zirkel, Perry Alan, and Karanxha Zorka , 2009, Manassas, VA; Lanham, Md., p.111, (2009) Abstract
Empowering the mentor of the beginning mathematics teacher, Zimmermann, Gwen, and of of Mathematics National Council Teachers , Empowering the mentor of the mathematics teacher, 2009, Reston, VA, p.69, (2009)
Handbook of self-regulation of learning and performance, Zimmerman, Barry J., and Schunk Dale H. , Educational psychology handbook series, 2011, New York, p.484, (2011)