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Children's Books at Cubberley Library


If Stones Could Speak
Aronson, M., Parker Pearson M., & (England) S. R. P.
Lexile measure 1070; Book Level 6.9; Ages 9-12
Robin Makes a Laughing Sound
Wolf, S., & designer Bornstein, Micah
Ages 7 and up
Long Walk to Water
Park, L. S.
Lexile measure 720; Book level 5; Ages 9-14
Story of Snow
Cassino, M., author Nelson, Jon, & ill Aoyagi, Nora
Lexile measure 870; Book level 4.8; Ages 8-11
Nini Lost and Found
Lobel, A.
Ages 3-7
How Rocket Learned to Read
Hills, T.
Book level 2.9; Ages 3-8
Children Make Terrible Pets
Brown, P.
Book level 1.8; Ages 3-7; Comedy and humor
Strange Case of Origami Yoda
Angleberger, T., & Rosenstock J. L.
Lexile measure 760; Book level 4.7;Diaries and Journals
Teller, J., & Aitken M.
Lexile measure 1000; Ages 12 and up; Realistic fiction
Sedgwick, M.
Lexile measure 890; Ages 10 and up; Adventure, Historical fiction
Sanchez, A.
Lexile measure 630; Ages 12 and up
Wicked Girls
Hemphill, S.
Lexile measure 700; Ages 12 and up; Historical fiction, Verse novel
Blink and Caution
Wynne-Jones, T.
Lexile measure 650; Book level 4.3; Ages 12-18
Sick Day
Stead, P. C., & ill Stead, Erin E.
Lexile measure 760; Book level 3, Ages 3-6; Comedy and humor
Chicken Thief
Rodriguez, B.
Ages 4-8
Notorious Benedict Arnold
Sheinkin, S.
Lexile measure 990; Book level 7.3; Ages 12 and up; Biography
Rapunze'ls Revenge
Hale, S., Hale D., & Hale N.
Lexile measure 500; Book level 3.2; Ages 10-14
Shooting Kabul
Senzai, N. H.
Lexile measure 800; Book level 5.4; Ages 8-12; Multicultural, Realistic fiction
Chocolate Moose
Gwynne, F.
Lexile measure 630; Ages 4-8
90 Miles
Flores-Galbis, E.
Ages 11-18; Historical Fiction
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Moses: When Harriet Tubman
Weatherford, C. B., & ill Nelson, Kadir
Lexile measure 660; ages 5-10; Book level 4; Historical fiction
Macaulay, D.
Lexile measure 1340; Book level 8.4; Ages 9 and up
Mosquito Bite
Siy, A., & Kunkel D.
Lexile measure 920; Ages 6-11; Grade level 5.9; General nonfiction
Mother Goose in California
Hansen, D.
Ages 4-8; alphabet book
Mouse Lion
Burkert, R., & ill Burkert, Nancy Ekholm
Lexile measure 570; Ages 4-8; Fables, Folk Tales and Myths
Walsh, E. S.
Book level 1.7; Ages 2-7
Music Was It
Rubin, S. G.
Lexile measure 970; Book level 7; Ages 11-16; Biography
Ada, A. F., Campoy I. F., Zubizarreta R., & ill Escrivá, Viví
Ages 2-6
My Brother
Browne, A.
ages 3-6; book level 3.2
My Chinatown
Mak, K.
Nonprose; Ages 5-8; Grade level 3.7; Poetry & rhymes
My Colors My World
Gonzalez, M. C.
English and Spanish on facing pages; Pura Belpré Honor Book
My Dad
Browne, A.
ages 3-7; general fiction
My Heart is Like a Zoo
Hall, M.
Ages 3-7
My Light
Bang, M.
Lexile measure 690; Ages 5-10; Grade level 2.7; Informational, Nonfiction
My Mom
Browne, A.
Ages 3-8; general fiction
Yusof, E.
Ages 4-7; picture book, plants
My Name is Celia
Brown, M., & L
Lexile measure 850; ages 8-12; book level 4.1
My Name is Gabito
Brown, M., & Col
Lexile measure 910; book level 5.1; biography
My Name is Yoon
Recorvits, H., & ill Swiatkowska, Gabriela
Lexile measure 320; Ages 4-9; Grade level 1.6; Realistic fiction
My One Hundred Adventures
Horvath, P.
Lexile measure 810; ages 8-14; book level 5
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Middle School

Schlitz, L. A., & publisher Candlewick Press
Awards: Newbery Honor Book, 2013; Ages 8 and 16; Historical fiction
Spinelli, J.
Lexile measure 590; Ages 12-16; Grade level 6.1; Realistic fiction
Starry River
Lin, G.
Lexile measure 810; Ages 8-12
Stolen Into Slavery
Fradin, J. B., & Fradin D. B.
Lexile measure 1060; Ages 11-17
Fletcher, C.
ages 10-up; book level 5.3
Stoner and Spaz
Koertge, R.
Lexile measure 490; Ages 14 and up; Book level 3.5
Stones for my Father
Kent, T.
Ages 6-10
Storm Thief
Wooding, C.
Lexile measure 800; ages 12-up; book level 5.8
Story of a Girl
Zarr, S.
Lexile measure 760; ages 14-up; book level 4.5; general fiction
Stravaganza: City of Masks
Hoffman, M.
Lexile measure 920; Ages 11-15; Grade level 5.9; Fantasy
Stravaganza: city of ships
Hoffman, M.
Lexile measure 800; Book level 5.7
City of Stars
Hoffman, M.
Lexile measure 890; Book level 6.1; Ages 11 and up g.7-10
Stuck in Neutral
Trueman, T.
Lexile measure 820; Ages 10 and up; Book level 5.7
Sugar Changed the World
Aronson, M., & Budhos M. T.
Awards: School Library Journal Best Books, 2010.; Lexile measure 1130; Book level 8; Ages 12 and up
Summe rof My German Soldier
Greene, B.
Lexile measure 800; Ages 9-12; Grade level 6.9; Historical fiction
Summer of the Mariposas
McCall, G. G.
Lexile measure 840; Ages 12 and up
Sweet Whispers
Hamilton, V.
lexile measure 550; book level 3.8; general fiction; horror
Sweet Hereafter
Johnson, A.
Lexile measure 750; Ages 12-16; Book level 4.6
Carvell, M.
Lexile measure 1000; Ages 9-14; Grade level 5.0; General fiction, Historical fiction
Zarr, S.
Lexile measure 720, ages 13-up; book level 4.4
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High School

Outside Boy
Cummins, J.
Ages 16 to adult
People Could Fly
Hamilton, V., Dillon L., & Dillon D.
Lexile measure 480;; ages 5-12; book level 2.9; fables, folktales and myths
Perks of Being a Wallflower
Chbosky, S.
Lexile measure 720; Ages 15-18; Grade level 6.1; Mystery and suspense
Poison Eaters
Black, H., & ill Black, Theodor
Ages 15-adult
Prince of Mist
Ruiz Zafón, C., & Graves L.
Lexile measure 990; Book level 6.5; Ages 12-18
Raven Boys
Stiefvater, M.
Lexile measure HL 760; Ages 13 and up; Romance, Fantasy
Realm of Possibility
Levithan, D.
Ages 12-18; Book level 5.2; General fiction
Red Necklace
Gardner, S.
Lexile measure 820; ages 12-up; book level 5.8; historical fiction
Yovanoff, B.
Lexile measure 750; Book level 5.2; Ages 15-18
Hinwood, C.
Lexile measure 670; Book level 4.6; Ages 12 and up
Revolution of Evelyn
Manzano, S.
Lexile measure 720; Ages 12 and up; Historical fiction, Multicultural
River Between Us
Peck, R.
Lexile measure 740; Ages 10-16; Grade level 6.2; Historical fiction
Road to Memphis
Taylor, M. D.
Lexile measure 670; ages 12-up; book level 4.5; general fiction
Magoon, K.
Lexile measure 550; ages 12-18; book level 3.9
Ruby Key
Lisle, H.
Lexile measure 860; Ages 9-14; Book level 5.6; science fiction and fantasy
Running Dream
Van Draanen, W.
Lexile measure 650; Book level 4.1; Ages 12-16
Almond, D., & ill McKean, Dave
Lexile measure 730; ages 10-15; book level 4.6
Stiefvater, M.
Awards: Michael L. Printz Honor for Excellence in Young Adult Literature, 2012; Lexile measure 840...
Sea of Monsters
Riordan, R.
Lexile Measure 740;ages 9-15; book level 4.6; adventure; fables, folktales and myths
Sea of Trolls
Farmer, N., & Britton R. H.
Lexile measure 670; Book level 4.7; Ages 10- and up; Adventure Fables, Folk Tales and Myths,...
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Cubberley Library collects many award-winning books for children and young adults, including most of the winners of the following awards:

The Pura Belpré Award

The Pura Belpré Award, established in 1996, is presented annually to a Latino/Latina writer and illustrator whose work best portrays, affirms, and celebrates the Latino cultural experience in an outstanding work of literature for children and youth.

The Randolph Caldecott Medal

The Caldecott Medal was named in honor of nineteenth-century English illustrator Randolph Caldecott. It is awarded annually by the Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association, to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children.

Coretta Scott King Book Awards

The John Newbery Medal

The Newbery Medal was named for eighteenth-century British bookseller John Newbery. It is awarded annually by the Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association, to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children.

The Michael L. Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature

The Michael L. Printz Award is an award for a book that exemplifies literary excellence in young adult literature.

Special Collections

Mary L. Schofield Collection of Children's Literature

In 1981, Stanford Libraries acquired over 10,000 books collected over a forty-year period by Mary Schofield, who spent her career as a librarian at Hoover Library. The collection consists of illustrated children's tales, stories for young adults, and works of reference relating to her collecting areas, with a focus on works published since the late eighteenth century.

The Richard L. Venezky Collection of Books for Literacy Instruction

The Venezky Collection contains primers and readers published between the end of the eighteenth century through the early decades of the twentieth century. Many titles are present in nearly every edition issued. In addition, there are early pamphlets, chapbooks, primers, almanacs, dictionaries, children's stories, plus works on penmanship, spelling, and phonetics.

Selections from the Curriculum Library's Historical Collection at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

"This digital collection consists of over 30 full-text, digitized children's books. The books were selected using the following criteria: publication date, rarity, uniqueness, size, and location of publication. All of the items in the digital collection were published before 1923, and are in the public domain. The oldest book in the digital collection, Dolly's ABC was published in 1854. Many of the items in the digital collection are quite rare, with only a few other holdings available."