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Children's Books at Cubberley Library


Every Bone
Rubalcaba, J., & Robertshaw P.
Lexile measure 1010; Ages: 12 up; Grade level: 8.6; Informational: Archaeology & Anthropology
Emmas Poem
Glaser, L., & ill Nivola, Claire A.
Lexile measure 790; Ages: 5-9; Book Level: 5.5; History & Biography
Birmingham Sunday
Brimner, L. D.
Lexile measure 1190; Ages: 10 up; Grade level: 9.8; Informational (Violence warning)
Neo Leo
Barretta, G.
Lexile: 930; Ages 5-10; Science
Freak Observer
Woolston, B.
Lexile measure 720; Ages 12-18; Book level 5; Realistic Fiction
City Dog Country Frog
Willems, M., & ill Muth J. J.
Ages 3-7
Sky is Everywhere
Nelson, J.
Lexile measure 860; Ages 13 and up; Book level 5.2
Pocketful of Posies
ill Mavor, Salley
Ages 2-5; Book level 4.2
Big Red Lollipop
Khan, R., & ill Blackall, Sophie
Lexile measure 410; Ages 4-8; Book level 2.2
Card, O. S.
Lexile measure 920; Ages 12-18; Book level 6.3
Plain Kate
Bow, E.
Lexile measure 630; Ages 12 and up; Book level 4.4; Fantasy
Ole Flamenco
Ancona, G.
Lexile measure 900; Ages 9-12; Book level 5.4; Informational
We Are In a Book
Willems, M.
Ages 3-8
Gee, M.
Lexile measure 700; Ages 12 and up
Rooster Prince
Stampler, A. R., & ill Yelchin, Eugene
Lexile measure 790; Ages 5-9; Book level 4.6; Folk tale
Things a Brother Knows
Reinhardt, D.
Lexile measure 650; Ages 14- adult; Book level 4; Realistic fiction
Marchetta, M.
Lexile measure 820; Ages 14 and up; Book level 5.8; Fantasy
Lynch, C.
Lexile measure 840; Ages 14 and up; Book level 5.1
Ling & Ting
Lin, G.
Lexile measure 390; Ages 4-7; Book level 1.8; Realistic fiction
Joha Makes a Wish
Kimmel, E. A., & ill Rayyan, Omar
Lexile measure 500; Ages 7-10; Book level 3.2
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Ultimate Dinopedia
Lessem, D., ill Tempesta, Franco, & (U.S.) N. G. S.
Ages 9-12
Beamer, W. D., ill Loebel-Fried, Caren, Beamer-Trapp K., & Beamer K.
Ages 9-12; Fables, folktales, and myths
Neeny Coming
English, K., Saint James S., & Program E. U. C. 's R.
Book level 3.2
Neo Leo
Barretta, G.
Lexile: 930; Ages 5-10; Science
Never Forgotten
McKissack, P., ill Dillon, Leo, & ill Dillon, Leo
Awards: Coretta Scott King Honor, Author, 2012.; Awards: ALA children's award.; Ages 8-14
90 Miles
Flores-Galbis, E.
Ages 11-18; Historical Fiction
Nini Lost and Found
Lobel, A.
Ages 3-7
Ninth Ward
Rhodes, J. P.
Lexile measure 470; Ages 8-11. Book levlel 3.3; Realistic fiction
No More
Rappaport, D., & ill Evans, Shane
Lexile measure 830; Ages 7-12; Grade level 5.0; Historical fiction
No Ordinary Day
Ellis, D., Solomon M., Chamberland G., Books G., of Press H. A., & Photolibrary
Awards: "The Canada Council, Conseil Des Arts Du Canada, Governor General's Literary...
No Talking
Clements, A., & ill Elliott, Mark
Ages 8-12.; A Junior Library Guild selection; Lexile Measure 820
No Two Alike
Baker, K.
Ages 3-7
Noah Webster
Ferris, J., & ill Kirsch, Vincent X.
Ages 6-9
Morales, Y.
Book level 3.3; Ages 4-8
Number the Stars
Lowry, L.
Lexile measure 670; Ages 9-13; Grade level 5.1; Historical fiction; Library has 7 copies.
Ocean Sunlight
Bang, M., & Chisholm P.
Lexile measure 770; Ages 5-8
Odd and the Frost Giants
Gaiman, N., & ill Helquist, Brett
Lexile measure 820; ages 8-12; book level 5; Fables, folktales and myths
Off Like the Wind
Spradlin, M. P., & ill Johnson, Layne
Ages 8-12; Book level 6.1
Officer Buckle
Rathmann, P.
Lexile: 510; Ages: 4-9; Grade level: 2.5; Comedy & humor
Old Bear
Henkes, K.
ages 4-9; bedtimes stories
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Middle School

Adoration of Jenna Fox
Pearson, M.
Lexile measure 570; ages 14-18; book level 3.8; science fiction and fantasy
Adventures of a South
Kurtz, C., & Reinhardt J. B.
Lexile measure 660; Ages 9-13
Amulet of Samarkand
Stroud, J.
Lexile measure 800; Ages 10-14; Grade level 4.8; Science fiction & fantasy
Meloy, M., & ill Schoenherr, Ian
Ages 12 and up
Arabian Nights
Tarnowska, W. ', & ill Henaff, Carole
Ages 8-12; Folklore
Battle of the Labyrinth
Riordan, R.
Lexile measure 590; ages 9-15; book level 4.1; adventure; fables, folktales and myths
Big Field
Lupica, M.
Lexile measure 970; ages 9-14; book level 5.3; general fiction
Bird King
Tan, S.
Ages 11-15
Black Tattoo
Lexile measure 800; ages 11-up; book level 5.4; adventure; science fiction and fantasy
Sedgwick, M., & flight down Sedgwick M. D.
Lexile measure 730; Ages 12-18; Grade level 6.4; Horror & supernatural, Science fiction &...
Book of the Lion
Cadnum, M.
Lexile measure 980, ages 14-up; book level 6.9; historical fiction
Boy Who Dared
Bartoletti, S. C.
Lexile measure 760; ages 13-18; book level 4.9; historical fiction
Brilliant Fall
Messner, K.
Lexile measure 710; Ages 8-12; Book level 4.2
California Gold Rush
Friedman, M.
Lexile measure 900; Ages 8-10
Cats of Tanglewood
De Lint, C., ill Vess, Charles, & De Lint C.
Ages 8-11
Christopher Killer
Ferguson, A.
Lexile measure 800; ages 14-17; book level 5.1; mystery and suspense
Conch Bearer
Divakaruni, C. B.
Lexile measure 790; Ages 9-15; Grade level 6.5; Adventure, Science fiction & fantasy
Dark Unwinding
Cameron, S.
Lexile measure 890; Ages 12 and up
Dark Thirty
McKissack, P., & Pinkney B. J.
Lexile measure 730; ages 7-12; book level 4.6; horror and supernatural
Day-Glo Brothers
Barton, C.
Lexile measure 990; ages 7-11; book level 6
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High School

Titans Curse
Riordan, R.
Lexile measure 630; ages 9-15; book level 4.3; adventure; fables, folktales and myths
Vinyl Princess
Prinz, Y.
Ages 13 and up
The Wall
Sís, P.
ages 9-15; book level 5.2; autobiography; informational
War to End All Wars
Freedman, R.
Ages 14-18
The Way We Work
Macaulay, D., & Walker R.
ages 11-up; informational
Wee Free Men
Pratchett, T.
Lexile measure 680; Ages 12-18; Grade level 6.1; Adventure, Comedy & humor, Fantasy
White Bicycle
Brenna, B.
Realistic fiction
White Darkness
McCaughrean, G.
Awards: A Junior Library Guild selection.; Lexile measure 850; Book level 5.5; Ages 12 and up
Wicked Just
Coats, J. A.
Lexile measure 780; Ages 12 and up
The Wicked History of the World
Deary, T., & Brown M.
Ages 8-14; Reference
Young Landlords
Myers, W. D.
Lexile measure 820; ages 10-up; book level5.1; general fiction
They Called Themselves K.K.K.
Bartoletti, S. C.
Lexile measure 1180; Ages 14-up; Book level 9.2; Informational
Things Not Seen
Clements, A.
Lexile measure 690; Ages 11-15; Grade level 6.2; Science fiction & fantasy
This Land Was Made for You and Me
Partridge, E.
Lexile measure 1020; ages 12-up; book level 7
This Life
Poitier, S.
autobiography and biography
This Lullaby
Dessen, S.
ages 12-up; book level 5.4; general fiction
Sís, P.
Ages 10-up; book level 5.3; mystery and suspense
Tiger Lily
Anderson, J. L., & Barrie J. M.
Lexile measure 850; Ages 10-14
Tiger Moon
Michaelis, A., & tr Bell, Anthea
Lexile measure 820; ages 12-up; book level 6
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Cubberley Library collects many award-winning books for children and young adults, including most of the winners of the following awards:

The Pura Belpré Award

The Pura Belpré Award, established in 1996, is presented annually to a Latino/Latina writer and illustrator whose work best portrays, affirms, and celebrates the Latino cultural experience in an outstanding work of literature for children and youth.

The Randolph Caldecott Medal

The Caldecott Medal was named in honor of nineteenth-century English illustrator Randolph Caldecott. It is awarded annually by the Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association, to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children.

Coretta Scott King Book Awards

The John Newbery Medal

The Newbery Medal was named for eighteenth-century British bookseller John Newbery. It is awarded annually by the Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association, to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children.

The Michael L. Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature

The Michael L. Printz Award is an award for a book that exemplifies literary excellence in young adult literature.

Special Collections

Mary L. Schofield Collection of Children's Literature

In 1981, Stanford Libraries acquired over 10,000 books collected over a forty-year period by Mary Schofield, who spent her career as a librarian at Hoover Library. The collection consists of illustrated children's tales, stories for young adults, and works of reference relating to her collecting areas, with a focus on works published since the late eighteenth century.

The Richard L. Venezky Collection of Books for Literacy Instruction

The Venezky Collection contains primers and readers published between the end of the eighteenth century through the early decades of the twentieth century. Many titles are present in nearly every edition issued. In addition, there are early pamphlets, chapbooks, primers, almanacs, dictionaries, children's stories, plus works on penmanship, spelling, and phonetics.

Selections from the Curriculum Library's Historical Collection at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

"This digital collection consists of over 30 full-text, digitized children's books. The books were selected using the following criteria: publication date, rarity, uniqueness, size, and location of publication. All of the items in the digital collection were published before 1923, and are in the public domain. The oldest book in the digital collection, Dolly's ABC was published in 1854. Many of the items in the digital collection are quite rare, with only a few other holdings available."